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343 Industries is home to the Halo Universe, and to a team of talented people dedicated to creating incredible science-fiction experiences.

Who We Are

We’re more than a studio, we’re a family of talented developers who are committed to making awesome experiences for our fans. To achieve that, it certainly takes a diverse team, which is why we’re home to everything from artists, engineers, designers, administrators, and inventors – but more than that, these same people are parents, pilots, painters – they’re activists, cyclists and collectors – their personal and domestic passions are as much a part of what makes this studio tick, as any detail on a resume. So those passions are woven into our social tapestry too, in our softball team, in our cook-offs, in our board game marathons, in our hiking and biking adventures -- and much, much more.

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Join Our Team

We're looking for the best of the best, to help us construct heroic stories, mythic worlds, and legendary experiences. If you have the grit and talent, we have the perfect canvas on which to imagine your future. Take a look at our available positions and imagine yourself here.

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343 Gives

At 343 Industries, it is one of our studio pillars to give back wherever and whenever we can. This activity takes many forms and whether people choose to volunteer, or donate, or participate - we are proud of all the different ways we choose to GIVE. We take advantage of Microsoft’s matching charity dollars and we work with world-class organizations including Make-A-Wish, Warfighter Engaged, Limbitless Solutions, the International Red Cross and many, many more – but we also support local charities at any scale – everything from school bake sales to recycling and trash cleanup drives. Our ability to give and organize and engage is one of our proudest strengths and a testament to the world we want to live in.

A Few of the Foundations We Support: