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An older recreational player that would rather lose a close game than win a one sided landslide of a game. I play for stress relief most every evening for a few hours, because killing virtual people and monsters is more socially acceptable than killing my users... (yep, real life as an IT Geek helping people use a computer that have no business even using a rotary phone can be frustrating to say the least lmao)

Compagnie de Spartans

Suit Up

Suit Up

Good Game/ Great People

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Création : 23-11-15

Suit Up Spartans! Halo Infinite is on its way, and Halo 5 is still a blast when you have great people at your side!
Activity Date Stamp: 07/14/2021

We are a mature group of gamers, who prioritize having a good time. We’ll put together fireteams to push rank, grind comms/SR 152, or work on big team / warzone strategies, but all to further that main goal.

1.) Age 18+
2.) Play Halo 5 (and eventually, Halo Infinite)
3.) Download the BAND app, and Join the Company BAND. (We’ve done Discord before, we like BAND better)
*Exceptions can be reviewed on a case by case basis by leadership.

For the most part, we expect our members to responsibly manage themselves, but we do have 3 Conduct Rules:

1.) Be Cool - Check your rage and your hate at the door. Yelling and fighting in group parties or chats is obnoxious to the rest of us.
2.) Be Cool - participate in games and chats with your fellow company members. Lone Wolves and unexplained inactivity make us wonder what you need us for.
3.) Be Cool - We’re all here to have fun and enjoy each other’s company. Contribute however you can, but certainly don’t detract!

If you’re a decent human being, we’ll get along famously!

We unlocked Achilles ages ago. If you’re requesting to join, we’ll assume it’s because of our amazing membership and sterling reputation.

For Company business/inquiries, message N8 Peaks.

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