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Création : 04-03-19

Welcome! We unlocked the Armor-Helmet you can not join us to get it. You need to join a company that has not unlocked it if you want it.
We are Unrelenting in our quest to build a community while we help other Spartans grind for 152. We are happy to have you as part of our growing community. When you join one of our companies you are part of the community.
We unlocked the armor in 137 days on 7-19-19
We unlocked the helmet in 401 days on 4-8-20
Unrelenting - English Speaking & grinding for the Achilles Armor and Helmet!

Our company uses a discord server Halo Community where we chat, team up. Our members range from the casual player to hardcore. Building community and friendship is what we do best! Having fun is our number one goal. Its Basic we want to keep our skills sharp and help people max level out. To do that we need the most active members playing.

Mandatory requirements for members:
  • Be active on Halo 5 Warzone & Arena
  • Be friendly & mature - treat all members with fairness & respect.
  • After accepted to Unrelenting, join our Discord server via this Link: Halo Community
  • Be willing to grind commendations from time to time - see the #tournament channel
  • Be min level 50
  • Not be a member of another company
A shout out to a group of our great Advisors
Note: Customs, Campaign, Firefight, Super Fiesta and Infection do not help with comms, so we don't want to see them regularly in your activity, or you will be removed.

**Disclaimer** @Everyone remember to have fun! lets work towards the armor. We Managers will continue to hold the company to the same set of standards. If you don't pull your weight we will find people that do. Its just a game don't get to serious. We will hold weekly tournaments United Together we will accomplish our goals.

Upper Management
Fireteam Unforgiving
Commander: XcRAZypHAZeX
  1. Lunarem
  2. AGxZetaPrime
  3. DeceivingMaple
  4. sac396
  5. Circinius
  6. Pina De Muerte
  7. CrampedElk91
  8. Zenith Champion
  9. AlfaSpectral
  10. Sonaveul
  11. Mr Razith Reign
  12. CornyPacman100
  13. SweatyTax328586
  14. cryptolocker13
  15. John17696
  16. Drghostwolfe
Fireteam Ruthless
Commander: ZioDJ
  1. DaminatorOG
  2. GaMM3r06
  3. Dario261509
  4. I00I9937
  5. KI1K69
  6. TiptopSalmon782
  7. Nexus Fxme
  8. Gerbi1jr
  9. xSpArKsNYCx
  10. zXKimberlyXz
  11. CG Hawk5685
  12. LastImmortalGod
  13. XGX13XGX
  14. Gingr deci8
  15. grumpychief117
  16. Headshot6202
Fireteam Unstoppable
Commander: ShadowChavez

  1. BuffetCandy27
  2. Sgt America1775
  3. supremetyler147
  4. Mushu9636
  5. Snip3rwitaBlunt
  6. Splitmonster117
  7. Wolf Silver 180
  8. Echo I Nexum
  9. ShadowPlayer01
  10. BeltedCross199
  11. vo TDog ov
  12. Sk8pateaculos26
  13. NormalStew83052
  14. huskerhulk
  15. lSneakyPenguinl
Fireteam Relentless
Commander: Pain0lympicDude

  2. Dazzzleee
  3. Sniper2327
  4. YoungShottie420
  5. guyonabuffalo74
  6. lll SPEEDY lll
  7. LitUpMFL
  8. GRIZZ 1977
  9. Terrox27
  10. ydroj
  11. SilverBullet9mm
  12. Mateo3930
  13. nedmac819
  14. SerAcm260319
  15. RichardH05
Fireteam Mereiless
  1. Style Wesker
  2. HersheyHighway6
  4. hkrd106
  5. Lynch SIV
  6. JohnyApplesed51
  7. paadsape
  8. WarJefe4246
  9. Nat Sawyer
  10. DUCK F00T
  11. El trigarante
  14. XSweetCupCakeX
  15. iGarlick JR
  16. ImPanda1st

Fireteam Nonstop
  1. MayNarrator
  2. means4
  4. The KrAkeNjr498
  5. Saul Ghost343
  6. Takaya Ayumi

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