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Creator and former leader of spartan company Finland.
New leader Tommi theKrogan is a great halo player, and is trusted with the companys future.
Im nowadays a Lieutenant in the company, because I have played other games more lately, such as overwatch,
but I hope that others in the company don't think of me as leach, as I have not been very active in halo..

I may return to Halo 5 one day, when I get the interest, and learn to play again as well, I'd like that.
I prefer to play in a group, but I still am very antisocial, and find it hard to open up, or even to go talk with the people of the spartan company I created.
I think I might be a bother. Funny, isn't it? But yeah, nobody can really understand me, no matter how hard they try,
or how well they think they know me or understand people. Don't assume something about me, that you think is correct, it might not be.
That also, might hurt.

But that being said I'm also working nowadays and I have even less time for gaming, I'll try to be on the best I can.
If you ever need company, just ask me to play and I'll come as I have nothing better to do.
If you need help, I can try to help the best I can.
I'm not good, I know that, but..
I will try to help.

That's all for now, sorry that you had to read all that, Kryptonite signing out.

Spartan Company



Suomi Finland Perkele!


98 Members

Est. 31/10/2015

Waiting for Halo Infinite. See you there along with our company!


***Finland will rise again!

We will be there saving your life and slaying the enemies.
Crushing their hopes and winning the fights.
Come and join us brothers and sisters.

Together we are stronger.***

Company only for Finnish Halo players.


***Suomi nousee jälleen!

Me tulemme olemaan siellä pelastamassa henkesi ja tappamassa viholliset.
Murskaamassa heidän toivonsa ja voittamassa taistelut.
Tulkaa ja liittykää meihin veljet ja siskot.

Yhdessä olemme vahvempia.***

Komppania ainoastaan suomalaisille Halo pelaajille.


*Achilles armour unlocked 24.07.2016*

*Achilles helmet unlocked 07.08.2017*

We are the first and only spartan company consisting only of Finnish Halo players that has unlocked the complete Achilles set.


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Finlandin johtajalle:
Tommi theKrogan

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