My Unngoy:

Name and title: Grand Lord Bok Bok the Immortal

Offspring: Prince Buz Buk the Only Slightly Less Immortal

No one has seen such political greatness in an Unggoy since Grand Deacon Gooble the Kinda Merciful! Lord Bok Bok has brought a bright new age to the Unggoy Empire!

Spartan Company

Thrill Squad

Thrill Squad

Great men are forged in fire


7 Members

Est. 7/11/2017

Great men are forged in fire, it is the privelage of lesser men to light the flame. Go to 1:18

This is well probably the worst company ever.

Member info:
baconsam5283: Founder, leader, failure. Is the highest rank but the worst player. He plays tactical and will probably run you over.
Most likely to say: "DONT KILL ME IM TO YOUNG TO DIE!"
Favourite game mode: Swat

ComicOwl3158134: Ok so I lied earlier she's the worst player... until she gets a classic battle rifle. She plays tank and will die the most and her body's will liter the battlefield.
Most likely to say: "DANG IT!"
Favorite game mode: Action sack

Dynadad: See baconsam5283

IcyShelf421670: Um well watching Icy play is like trying to watch dogs chase their tails. Same repetitive motion, no effect. However her driving skills are superb.
Most likely to say: "DA HEK"
Favourite game mode: BTB

HappendLamb56: Has little experience but makes up for it for nack of finding power weapons. Note I say finds, not picks up.
Most likely to say: "um what?"
Favourite game mode: Warzone I think.

HowieConstrux: Loves forge and things that go boom. Haven't played with him enough to know much else.
Most likely to say: "Yeet boi!"
Favourite game: Super Fiesta

Point is we're all horrible.

Oh oh and the YouTube link is for a video made by megabloks from whom I used this name. That's why I am linking the video. As a thank you.

The original Thrill Squad

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