Hello! I'm baconsam5283 aka GrubFlap the Elevated.

I got into Halo because of their Mega Construx line! I love those things!

Mega Construx Gallery
My MCX Gallery

I play H5 and MCC mostly with a little HW2 thrown in there.

I like playing casual, and just general goofing around.

Favorite H5 Game modes
Social: Super Fiesta
Ranked: SWAT
Warzone: Warzone Turbo

I also think that Halo is the most bratty fanbase in existence. But that’s none of my business.

Spartan Company

Thrill Squad

Thrill Squad

How will you Build Beyond™️?


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Est. 7/11/2017

This is a company for lovers of Mega Construx (formally Mega Bloks).

We don’t grind.
We don’t roleplay.
We just chill and share love of the plastic.

Come and join! Shoot me a message on Xbox at baconsam5283. We’d love to have you!

The original Thrill Squad

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