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Halo Infinite

Spirit of Fire, Halo Infinite’s newest Operation is available now! Operation: Spirit of Fire contains a free 20-tier Battle Pass inspired by the beloved Halo Wars 2, the new Illusion map, the Mark IV Armor Core, multi-use shoulders, and various Forge updates.

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Operation: Spirit of Fire


Forge your place in legend with the brand-new Mark IV Armor Core and a free 20-tier Operation Pass themed after the beloved Halo Wars games. Obtain the Premium Operation Pass to outfit your Assault Rifle with the Evolved MA5 and bonus XP.

New Map


Halo Infinite's latest content update brings with it a new Arena map, Illusion. Set within an abandoned and forgotten ONI black site deep underground, old experiments with recovered (and familiar) Covenant technology creates new ways to play.


Multi-Use Shoulders

100+ shoulders have been adjusted to be available on all Armor Cores.

Content Update 29

Forge Updates

Numerous updates have arrived in Forge, including a Covenant object palette, a mode editor, and customizable AI traits.

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