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Its been a long time since I first started fighting with the UNSC. Back in 2011 I joined the Noble Team and since I've moved my way through the frontier. I've experienced enough combat to hold my own in free for all situations. Should I ever have a team objective, I've learned its better to what necessary to win, not try at outscore the next guy. The things with teams, depending on the objective I can hold it up myself. Though most cases, I need everyone to work together. otherwise we're nothing more than scattered Spartans to get picked off.
Moral of this story. Friendship wins.

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Abyssal Wolves

Abyssal Wolves

There's always another way.

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Est. 7/27/2016

Just a group of friends gathered in one place waiting to eventually play with the others. Whether that would be custom games or normal matchmaking things are often times easier and more fun when playing in a group. Especially if those are people you know.

Second, in some ways more than others, the Halo community isn't as chill as the others. Meaning that people would more often question the invites they get from people they don't know if it's for custom games. And Xbox ONE doesn't have the M2AF app that would let one easily send messages to friends and recent players when they feel like getting a group for custom games.

Our mission is to fix that. We want to gather around chill and easy-to-get-along people to play with more people. Its hard nowadays to find more people to play this game with especially since some of others' friends list don't exactly want the game.

In the end we dont care if you prefer to get sweaty in Arena or be casual in Fiesta, we just want to get a load of people together to help achieve others goals, and just kick back and have a good time playing Halo.

• 15+ years old
• Have a mic
• Easy to get along with
• Level 25
• Plays a good bit of Halo
• Not a scrub
• Feels worthy of help getting the Achilles Set

Eventually if the company # increases, we ask to download the discord app for easier access to communication.

Thats all, now let's going and enjoy the Halo game(s) we enjoy playing!!

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