My name's Jacob, and I live in South Florida. I'm a husband, daddy, software developer, and secular humanist.

I've been a Halo fanatic since 2002, when my dad got me an Xbox for my eighth birthday and bought me a used copy of Halo: Combat Evolved shortly thereafter. I'm pretty decent at multiplayer, but what I love most about Halo is its immersive, complex universe. My fandom moved to fanaticism when I first read Halo: The Fall of Reach by Eric Nylund. Since then, I've loved delving into the Halo universe through all of the mediums it has been presented, including the video games (of course!), books, game teasers, comics, anime, live action shows (Forward Unto Dawn, mainly – didn't enjoy Nightfall), and even a Risk board game themed after Halo: CE Anniversary.

Since the release of the Master Chief Collection, I have come to lose most of the respect I initially had for 343 Industries. I think they have continued dropping the ball time and time again, and though Bungie wasn't perfect, I think 343 has shown themselves to be "unworthy of the Mantle", so to speak. Though Halo 5 has its redeeming qualities (most notably Forge, which is fantastic), I think it is mostly a cartoonish caricature of what Halo used to be. I'm only hanging around for two reasons -- organize MCC custom games from time to time and hope Halo 6 is Halo's big comeback. Halo is the only thing keeping me on Xbox, so if Halo 6 doesn't turn things around, I won't be buying any future Xbox consoles.

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Reclaim the Mantle

Reclaim the Mantle


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Est. 10/24/2015

Reclaim the Mantle is all about fun multiplayer experiences — that includes online matchmaking, custom games, co-op campaigning, firefight, split-screen, and Spartan Ops.


In Halo lore, the Mantle of Responsibility is "the obligation of the most evolutionarily advanced beings in the Halo [universe] to serve as stewards to all life forms of lesser capability". In this clan, however, it's taking on a simpler meaning. With fun cooperative multiplayer action being so integral to the DNA of Halo, this clan focuses on that very aspect. Whether it's custom games, firefight, campaign, or something else, if it can be done as a team, then it's what we're all about!

So join up! We plan custom games in Master Chief Collection pretty often, and we also play around in Reach and Halo 5.

NOTE: Halo Reach backward compatibility is now FIXED! That means smooth framerate and 100% functionality, just as you remember it. So if you don't have it on disc or in your digital library, pick up a copy!

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