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My name's Jared Lee.
Gamertag is Darth Jaco

I have played Halo since its inception and I hope that someday I can be privledged to mark my place in history by any means.

I do my best to bring positive and constructive feedback to questions by way of the Forum. I've gained professional experience in several to fields in which I could offer to the Waypoint Team. A dream I have always had is being a Monitor in Waypoint, I know boring but hey every previous Forum I have held a position of Leadership has always been enjoyed!

Please message or contact me if you'd like to have a open-eyed partner to team up to create related content via YT, Mach, charity work or just a game of Slayer.

Spartan Company

The RedCloud Clan

The RedCloud Clan

Never Give Up, Never Surrender

41 Members

Est. 3/16/2016

Never Give Up, Never Surrender. The RedCloud Clan Members Never Quit Out of Game's and Play Every Time with Their Personal Honor On The Line Every Time They Play A Game of Halo 5. If You Don't Have Any Personal Honor or Pride As A Halo Player/Gamer Then The RedCloud Clan is Not For You. The RedCloud Clan Member's Learn From Their Mistakes and Grow as Gamer's.
The RedCloud Clan’s Ranks

The Highest Rank is the RedCloud Clan Leader/King GT: sP Diversity
- Once the clan grows past 50 members the King’s rank changes to Emperor.

Second Highest Rank is the Nobles/Lords - Nobles have been given their rank of Noble by the leader/king - a Noble can’t have any royal guards but instead have honor guards/ honor knights under their command. Nobles can grow their family tree in the clan by adding to their noble house, if their are more than 2 in a Noble’s house then the head of the Noble’s house is now called a Noble Lord or just Lord with what they want to go with Lord. Noble Lords represent their own Noble House.

The Third Highest Rank is the Royal Guards / Royal Knights - Royal Guards / Royal Knights job is to protect the King/ Leader of the Clan in game. The Royal Guards has their own squad under their command, each member of their squad are now call Honor Guards / Honor Knights and follows the orders of their squad leader the Royal Guard. Before they join the Royal Guards and they are Knights in name then their Name will be a Royal Knights. If they are just a squad a leader when they join the Royal Guards they will just be called Royal Guards.

The Fourth Highest Rank would be the Honor Guard’s / Honor Knights - The Honor Guard’s / Honor Knights are under the command of a Royal Guard / Royal Knight or a squad leader has agreed to protect a Noble / Noble Lord in the same way the Royal Guards / Royal Knights protect the Leader / King. If a squad leader becomes a Honor Guard / Honor Knight then his / her squad members are now all Honor Guards, if their were any knights in the squad they are now Honor Knight.

The Fifth Highest Rank are the Squad Leader - The only thing you need to be a squad leader is just have your own 4 man squad that follows your orders, if you’re a knight and you start up a squad then you’re called a Knight leader, all 4 members can be knights in the squad as long as they know who their leader of the squad is. If member’s are not knights then the members are just called soldiers of a squad. Each Squad has their own name in which they go by.

The Sixth Highest Rank are Knights - Knights can be apart of a squad or run solo. A Knight is a skilled player and can take on multiple opponents and hold side of the map with or without support and gets a minimum of 20 kills a game. Knights are seen as the Elite of the RedCloud Clan when it comes to being individually skilled at Halo.

The Seventh Highest Rank are Soldiers - Soldiers are apart of a squad and can take and follow order given by their squad leaders. Soldiers will mostly make up a majority of the RedCloud Clan if not then up to half.

The Eighth Highest Rank are Warriors - Warriors are members of the RedCloud Clan but are not apart of a squad or a Noble house. Warriors will most likely be the other half of the majority of the RedCloud Clan.

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