Been playing Halo since it came out on the OG Xbox when I was 13. Currently trying to get better in Halo 3 and 5 and find some people to play with who will also like to help me get better (along with themselves if they want) and to take on some Social and Ranked playlists with. I'm primarily a solo player but hoping to find some members or a company that would like to join me/I can join.

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Tools of War is a company I created to help solo players or those who are wanting/needing more people to play with that has the main focus of climbing the ranks in the Ranked playlists with a party. The focus is not just in Halo 5's ranked games, but Halo 3 on MCC as well. The main games I'd like to focus on are Team Slayer, Team Arena, and Team Doubles in Halo 5 and Team Hardcore in Halo 3 on MCC. I created my own company because when browsing other companies, it always seemed like the focus was just grinding for the Achilles armor and virtually no interest in playing MCC. So if your focus is getting the Achilles armor or playing Warzone, you're probably better off joining a different company.

I learned the hard way that I can't simply keep playing using the same mindset I've always had as a solo player. If you want to win then you'll need to play as a team if you want to win the majority of your games. I want the members (assuming I get any) to reach out to one another to party up because of this. I know some will be on the fence about sending invites out to people you haven't played with, even in the same Spartan Company, as considered "being a bother", but I will encourage you to reach out anyways. When you play with others, you can learn to look for those who's play-style may compliment your own. Playing with others who compliment your own skills is a great way of improving and winning more matches

Below is the list of "rules" from the top of my head, but may change as time goes on


- There will be members who aren't going to be as skilled as others that may be in your team. If you notice anyone, despite their rank, doing something that is hurting the team's chance of victory, please point this out and point them in the right direction.

- Don't take things personal when being offered a suggestion. We're all trying to win to improve our skills and ranks and there will be times when someone else notices something about how you play you may have missed. This isn't to bash your skill as much as make you aware of any bad habits that you can improve on. I used to have an issue (still kinda do too) where I would give chase to anyone I'd shoot at to try and finish them off and I would normally die in my attempt. When someone told me I didn't always have to finish them off, I noticed I wasn't dying nearly as much but still getting about the same amount of kills

- Please be active. For now, you'll be removed after 30 days of no Ranked matches played or if the majority of the games you play in that time are not in the Ranked playlists in Halo 5 (because I can view game histories for Halo 5, but not MCC). Remember, this company is to climb the ranks and improve our own skills at the same time. If you need to do a warm-up then you can play whatever you'd like to do so. Just remember that this company's focus is playing in the Ranked games mentioned above.

- Use the Magnum. Even if you're not very good with it now; use it anyways. There's a reason why this gun is the primary weapon in HCS, so learn to use it and love it. I wasn't a fan until I forced myself to use nothing but. Now, it's pretty much the only weapon I use outside of the Light and Sniper rifles

- Friendly trash-talking is allowed, but hate of any kind is not and will not be tolerated. You may joke around, but remember that everyone has a different variation of "tough skin". If someone starts feeling the heat, back off and let them know you weren't trying to offend. Use your own common sense as to what kind of jokes are appropriate and what topics can be deemed too "sensitive" to joke around with.

- Teabagging is and will always be a part of Halo. Do not take it too personally when it happens to you, even if it happens after you die. You can always teabag their entire team if you'd like later :)

So yeah, I think that's about it lol

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