I'm a heavy ODST lover, so I make my Spartan out to be an ODST, i prefer to use the MA5B assault rifle and BR55. I value team work and honor when fighting others in-game. I love to play Halo wars, and sometimes Halo wars 2. I would love to play trough some Halo campaigns on Heroic or Legendary. I'm more of a scout, infiltrator, my team engages from the front, and I engage from behind.

I correct people about lore a lot. Like for example: Some people say the Spartan IV's are a lot worse than II's, but they are just under them (Only when in Gen2 armor tho). They are more of a place holder between the II's and the III's. Basically, the IV's are upgraded ODST's.

I'm overall decent. I'm a Brigadier on my non-microsoft account. I am also like a transporter. I transport you to the enemy.

Spartan Company

Delta 249

Delta 249

Swift and Silent


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Est. 9/6/2018

Delta 249 is a Company of Spartans who appreciate ODST's, and value the life of and ncp Marine and ODST, or any AI you are playing with.

If we play Halo reach, we will wear ODST helmet's and pads, the Chest plate is up to you.

Anyway, if you're a part of this, you must be willing ro swallow your Spartan pride, and ask for help. That's all, for now.

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