Attention Spartans,

I am a Fotus that is not to be messed with. I mainly play Warzone and Infection, but sometimes I take a break like everyone else might do once in a while. Here are my rules. Number one is that you don't spam me or I'll get really mad. Number two is that you don't come to me making fun of my game preferences. Number three is that you do not text me stupid messages if you get killed by me. Number four is that you do not beef with me, because I absolutely hate people like that. Number five is that you or you and your little friend shall not join my party, make crude comments, and then ask to 1v1 or 2v2. I play Halo 5: Guardians not because I need to, but because I want to. I play for fun, and not for competitive skill. If you're looking for a fight in Warzone, then you're sure as hell going to get that fight. My quest for the almighty Killionaire is now complete, so my quest now is to get the eternal Unfriggenbelievable, finish all commendations, and get to SR 152. Do not purposefully spartan charge, melee, ground pound, or push me out of my shooting location when I am trying to go for a good kill-spree, because I will HUNT YOU DOWN! If you want to become part of my squad, then you have to be deemed trustworthy, somewhat skillful, loyal, and respective to your peers in this so-called squad, no matter how annoying they are.

I am currently looking for a spartan company that is close to getting either the Achilles Helmet or the Achilles Armor. It has been my dream to finish all armors in the game, so I can feel complete. Yes, I am a completionist. Typhon is my life, my soul, and my will to live on this game, so I will respect you entirely if you proficiently used the Hydra or any other variant of it. If you need my help in war zone, know that I'm always trying to do what is best for my teammates, so give me time to do what I'm doing in the game, and I'll be there as soon as possible to fulfill your needs. I am currently a SR 148 Fotus Chillrose/Shinobi Heartless, and I will NOT stop for any noobs that want to play their "fancy games" with me. I am not an easy person to get along with, so if you feel threatened by my behavior during gaming, know that I wouldn't treat you like that in real life, except if you were some kind of bully or a complete -Yoink-.

I strive to succeed in my life, and I will never back down from anything that I face. I will fulfill my duty as a Spartan and work towards becoming a better Fotus and a better me. Please take time to acknowledge that. I know it is a lot to process, but I guarantee you that we can get along and have fun times together.


P.S. PopSwagBoy is savage AF! Go check out his profile information on

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Ronin Company

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We are a friendly group of 99 Ronin bringing gamers together for fun and competition.

Multi Unit Tactical Team (M.U.T.T.) & Fireteam Warthog have joined forces with Ronin Company to strengthen our fight.

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Armor: Acquired January 22, 2017
Helmet: Acquired January 23, 2018

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