Sometimes I clutch games, sometimes I don't. Really, it depends. Avid Warzone player, I often team with tactician Our Protagonist and our teams generally outplay our adversaries of equal or higher strength, where the objective is not purely to slay. I am and have always been strongly against farming. Shall I be on a team that wants to gleefully farm the enemy team at their core for the next 10 minutes, pulling Nornfangs and Phaetons for endless spawnkills, don't trust me to not pull a Camo Aurs to end their suffering.

Although I'm not pay to win and therefore don't have an infinite amount of camos. Just step aside and don't guard the core, please? I ask nicely. There may be a cookie involved.

Previous Companies:
Team Evil Genius (company created for the Achilles helmet; was meant to be disbanded after obtaining)

2pROs Elite (left due to the company's shortage of players and its inactivity)

Spartan Company





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Est. 8/30/2017

Prevalence: the fact or condition of being prevalent
Prevalent: having the superiority or asendancy
This is no Achilles company. Prevalence is purely a competitive warzone company with people that will have some of the best strategies for every warzone map. We do however also enjoy arena games. If you wish to join you must be able to follow orders and be above average skill wise. Microphones are recommended and much appreciated BUT not needed as long as you can take orders. Make sure that you have positive K/D. A 50% win ratio or higher in warzone is recommended but not needed as long as your K/D is positive.

Please tell us why you deserve to be in Prevalence. Any requests that are not elaborated will be ignored.

If you do join this company, the required play time will be at least 3 hours a week. We understand that people have to deal with work, school, etc... so the bare minimum of play time to remain in Prevalence will be 3 hours a week, nothing major. However, it is best to try to STAY AS ACTIVE AS POSSIBLE! Strong companies are only possible with many running lobbies almost every single day, so try to stay active! If you will be inactive for more than a week please remember to notify the leaders of Prevalence in order to be excused.

VERY IMPORTANT: Rank required to join - SR 135+. Anyone that applies with a lower rank WILL BE REJECTED. We do not tolerate low level players in Prevalence. You must have experience in this game and a decent aim. Also if all that interests you are customs, forge, and especially firefight, this is not the company for you.

Remember, at the end of the day, this company is all about enjoying the company itself and its members, understanding teamwork, and having fun taking endless W's from inferior teams! Apply now if you wish to experience true greatness!

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