MCC Season 6: Raven Has Landed

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Today, we’re thrilled to welcome the arrival of the latest season for Halo: The Master Chief Collection – Season 6: Raven!

With Season 6, we’ve got a heap of new content shipping out, and we can’t wait for you to get your hands on it. This time around you can look forward to:

  • 100 new tiers of content for Season 6 (including brand new armor, back accessories, animated visors, and more)
  • Waterfall, a Halo Online map now playable in custom games for Halo 3
  • The Exchange
  • A brand-new game variant for Halo 2: Anniversary, Halo: Reach, and Halo 4 – Escalation Slayer
  • The ability to change your teams mid-game in custom matches across all titles in MCC
  • And more!

Ready for a full rundown? We’ve got you covered. Read on and make sure you’re all set and ready to go Raven mad.


With Season 6, we’re celebrating the heroic exploits of Fireteam Raven with unique themed armor sets, vehicle skins, weapon skins – and, we’re adding in even more customization options with some brand-new in-game back accessories, animated nameplates, and animated visors! (And of course, if you wanted to move in lockstep with Fireteam Raven out of game, we've got a full Press Kit with wallpapers, screenshots, and more right over here.)

Below, we’ve got a full rundown of what you can expect when you jump in later today.


If you’ve been paying attention to our latest MCC Dev & Flighting Updates, you likely know that we’ve been testing a lot of new stuff, including a Halo Online map that’s now available in Halo 3. As of today, you can play Waterfall in custom games! Where are you going to dive in first?

Time for some wetwork, Spartan.


Ready to take it up a level? Arriving with Season 6, Escalation Slayer is available in Halo 2: Anniversary, Halo: Reach, and Halo 4! Putting a fresh twist on a current favorite, show your combat versatility as you continue to get a new weapon with each kill while racing to the final round. 

Escalation Slayer is available now in-game and will rotate through our weekly playlists from time to time (be sure to follow us on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook to make sure you’re kept in the loop for the latest playlist updates), and you can dive in right now in custom games.


The customization options in MCC span far and wide – from classic looks, to brand new items in each successive Season Pass, we’re always looking at ways to make sure that you’ve got a way to get fresh new gear, while also limiting the perils of FOMO.

With The Exchange, we’re going to be rotating items from previous Seasons through each week – and, we’re even going to use this as an avenue to show off some brand new items, that aren’t in the Season Pass. The first Exchange-exclusive set will be the Rhine armor set (unlocked as a bundle, available all season long), and the Rhine weapon skins (unlocked separately from the armor bundle, notably). 

Make sure to check in often! We’re going to be rotating stock through the Exchange regularly, so be sure to give it a glance when you get a chance.


As with all seasons for MCC, we’re going to have some items that will be available through in-game seasonal challenges first! Granted, the entire season pass isn’t going anywhere (exactly like with previous season passes) – and worry not, if you’re pressed for time or unable to get them unlocked, there’s a chance you’ll see them land in The Exchange in a future season.


Just below, you can find a quick rundown on two Nameplates that will be available for an exclusive timeframe during Season 6. (So, for the completionists among you, take note!) This time around, we’ve got:

Hog Wild: To celebrate Earth Day, and to get the honorary Nameplate, be sure to log in between April 21st and April 25th!

Unity 2021: To celebrate every single Spartan, and to stand together as one, be sure to log in at any time during the month of June 2021.


With the arrival of the latest season, you can get your hands on the following unique items first through some brand-new seasonal challenges! This time around:

Package Deal: Compete the Non-Prophet Organization and Story Scorey Challenges.

Reward: “Another Sunrise” Animated Visor and +77,000 XP.

Double Up: Complete the Spree Real Estate and Nerdy Thirty Challenges.

Reward: “Gen2 Azure” Techsuit and +77,000 XP.

Best At Both: Complete the Point Guard and Ranked Beats Everything Challenges.

Reward: “Sword and Board” Back Accessory and +77,000 XP.

Note, that all of the above challenges are live already – and, will be available for the duration of the season. So while you don’t need to get them right this second, bide your time to make sure you grab them before they’re gone!


This season has 100 brand new tiers of content for you to unlock! To give you a quick rundown of what to expect, we’ve got the latest episode of Seasonal Sitrep, brought to you by our very own Postums:


We wanted to take the chance to close this blog out by thanking our Halo Insiders, who helped make all this possible. Whether it’s helping us out with flights or providing feedback, you’re a group whose benevolence is beyond measure. (Interested in joining their ranks? Make sure your Halo Insider profile is up-to-date right over here, and you’ll be doing yourself a great favor in upping your eligibility for future flights.)

Season 6 will be live for roughly two months, and you can join in on all the excitement right now on Xbox Game Pass, the Windows Store, and Steam!

In the meantime – we’ll see you all online. As always, if you have any issues please be sure to send a report over to Halo Support, who will get you taken care of straight away. Or, to make sure you’ve got the latest and greatest intel so you’re prepared for the front lines:

Stay safe out there,


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