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Start Your Spartan Journey On Dec. 8

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  -  3 years ago

The road through 2021 has been an exciting one, Spartans - but, here at the tail-end of August we’re especially glad to see you. Throughout the last year we’ve been doing our very best to keep you posted on all of our latest Halo Infinite developments, be it through the Inside Infinite blog series, the Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase, or of course, the annual celebration of games out in Germany – Gamescom.

We’re thankful that so many of you have joined us on this journey. Whether you just peeked your head into Halo Waypoint to take a look, or you’re a full-fledged Halo Insider that helped us test Halo Infinite during the technical preview, we couldn’t be more humbled. That’s why today we’re thrilled to announce that Halo Infinite will release on December 8, 2021 for Xbox and PC.

To help welcome you into the ranks, our very own Spartan Commander Agryna is here to set the stage:

Of course, that’s not all we’re up to this week! For the hardware inclined among you, we’ve got some brand-new tools for you to check out. Both of these will start shipping out on Halo’s 20th Anniversary, November 15th – and are available for pre-order right now (sold separately):  

Now, dive into the full details below and prepare to request some days off. Prost!


The coming months are going to be busy for all of us here at 343 as we march towards our December 8th launch. There’s still lots to be done before we arrive in the cold clutches of December, but we couldn’t be more excited to share it with each and every one of you.

If you’re as thrilled as we are, feel free to check out these locations to pre-order the Halo Infinite Campaign, so you can join us on day one:


A Spartan’s equipment is just as important as their skills – which is why we’re doing our part to make sure you’re fully equipped and ready to ship out. To help celebrate Halo’s 20th Anniversary, we’re proud to unveil two items made in collaboration with our friends over at Xbox: The Xbox Series X – Halo Infinite Limited Edition Bundle, and the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 – Halo Infinite Limited Edition.

Both of these items are up for pre-order today, so be sure to check your favorite retailer for more details! They will subsequently launch on the very same day of the year Halo: CE did – November 15th, 2021. Do note that each of these will be sold separately and supplies will be limited. 


As we kick off Gamescom 2021, we’re proud to unveil the Xbox Series X – Halo Infinite Limited Edition Bundle, which will go up for pre-order today! Featuring a Limited Edition Xbox Series X console, a Limited Edition Xbox Series X Controller, and Halo Infinite (downloadable after system set-up), you’ll be fully prepared to confront the most ruthless foe the Master Chief has ever faced. Featuring a design imprinted with stars as seen from the surface of the Zeta Halo, a Cortana blue vent, and iridium gold accents around dark metallic paneling, your armory will be off to a solid start with this at its center.

Limited edition Halo Infinite Xbox Series X console and controller for pre-order
The Xbox Series X - Halo Infinite Limited Edition Bundle, available for pre-order now.


Already have an Xbox Series X? Are you a controller collection completionist? Just looking for a new set of thumbsticks to take with you to Zeta Halo? We’ve got you covered.

Halo lnfinite limited edition Xbox Elite wireless controller

The Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 - Halo Infinite Limited Edition, available for pre-order now.

The brand-new Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 – Halo Infinite Limited Edition, featuring a battle-scarred Mjolnir-themed design from team Xbox will be a welcome addition to any Spartan’s arsenal. With a look that’ll have you right at home with the UNSC, and an in-game weapon charm of the controller itself, you’ll be well on your way to having all the right equipment to battle the Banished.

To pre-order, be sure to head right over here to the Microsoft Store.


If you’re as excited about Halo Infinite as we are, do yourself a favor and sign-up to be a Halo Insider! By fully filling out your profile, opting-in to communications, and uploading your DxDiag if you’re on PC, you’ll have the chance to participate in hands-on any upcoming multiplayer previews ahead of launch.

Thanks for joining us. We’re thrilled to be marching side-by-side on our way to December. And as always, be sure to join us over on TwitterInstagram, and Facebook for all of the latest Halo Infinite updates right as they happen.