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The Art of Halo Infinite

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  -  3 years ago

Hi Everyone,

In yesterday’s live stream we mentioned that there was an issue that might delay our Multiplayer Tech Preview. Well, the issue was this: we unintentionally included a group of concept art files in the Tech Preview build.

To be clear: none of these images spoil the Halo Infinite Campaign that you’ll get to play on December 8th. Indeed, we’ve already shown some of these images in previous blog posts.

This art represents a wide range of ideas that we explored early in pre-production and that we planned to share at a later date, as part of Infinite’s pre-launch promotion and other initiatives such as the upcoming “The Art of Halo Infinite” from our partners at Dark Horse (check out some sample excerpts below). For a time, we used these images as loading screens for internal studio builds—and that’s how they accidentally ended up in the Tech Preview build.

Rather than delay the flight, we’ve decided to share all the files with you now. Call it an unplanned “Happy Tech Preview Day!” gift. So, please enjoy this collection of beautiful art from 343 Industries’ incredibly talented concept art team. Download the collection here: 4K Zip File | HD Zip File

These images have inspired us—filled our minds with wonder and possibilities—and we hope they do the same for you.

Joseph Staten

Head of Creative, Halo Infinite

Concept art of Halo ring with damage
Concept art of UNSC Pelican dropping off a vehicle
The art of Halo Infinite by David Heidhoff
Concept artwork of an UNSC hangar and cargo area on a ship