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-SII S146 (Non-Canon) ((For Jokes))
-Skilled Player / Since Halo Reach
-Active A Lot
-Forger // Customs Player // Competitive And Casual

Leader of Fireteam Commonwealth (Tamriel Outlaws) // Previously // Member Of But Flesh And Faith // Previously
New Nickname is: Alexa

I'm a very easy going guy, who enjoys a bit of banter, my main games I play are Destiny and Halo

Spartan Company



Who has time for a motto?


9 Members

Est. 2/6/2021

Consistency is an aspiring group of people, pledged to becoming a known name in the gaming community. We don't just limit ourselves to Halo. We're spread across all platforms and games and were always active.

Join us and we'll treat you like our own. We don't care how old you are, your gender, or ethnicity. Join and you become one of our Brothers and Sisters. Any and all of us are ready to assist you, play with you or talk to you.

There are no requirements. Level, Rank, K.D doesn't matter. Even joining our Discord doesn't matter. The only thing we ask is you treat us as an equal and work with us.

Our objective for Halo is to revitalise the community, by planning and setting up Custom Games, C/O Raids, Casual and Competitive sessions and to help people without it, work towards the full Achilles set.

Below is our progress;

Armour: 0% - 00/00/00
Helmet: 0% - 00/00/00

Be active at least once a fortnight (two weeks) to help work towards Achilles. If you can't be active, tell us, we'll give you a break. I look forward to seeing you out there.

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