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If you message me here, don't expect a reply. I use discord more.

Old Account - xXTheDerpsterXx (the one I used to play Halo 4 and earlier halos. I still use it to smurf on other games outside of halo, just not often.)

Rank Stats from the halo games that I've played: (NOTE: These are shared between the old and new account. I've played Halo since the good old days of Combat Evolved on the PC, but sadly Halo CE and Halo 2 for windows vista didn't record stats or anything of the sort.)

        • Halo 3: Commander Grade 3
        • Halo Wars 1: General
        • Halo Reach: Reclaimer (Not going for Inheritor)
        • Halo 4; Rank 69 on old account - Rank 57 on new one
        • Halo 5: SR 150 (Not planning on grinding for SR 152. - Game's dead and overall un-enjoyable for solo play)
        • Halo wars 2: Rank 13 - (I don't play this game often. Not as fun as the original)

Other stuff:

2nd/Alt account - xXTheDerpsterXx (used mostly for older halo titles)

Fortnite STW: Max Power Level (Power level 134)

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