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I am a part time S-W-E-A-T.
match/friend/rage/sweat/bag me at your own risk.
Current SR in Halo 5: SR 150 (Almost to 151, whoo!)
Highest CSR In Halo 5: Diamond 6 (SWAT)
My name is Globex Silenced and i'm here to get Achilles, the max rank in Halo 5, and leave my mark on the Halo community as best I can.
I like Infection and Grifball. Give me a sword, a hammer or a shotgun, and I promise you, you'll either be loving me or hating me by the end of the game. One way or another.

Spartan Company

The Filthy Casuals

The Filthy Casuals

Spawn, Die, Spawn Again!

100 Members

Est. 10/19/2015

Leader: DSight

Current Lieutenant line up:
m0untain sound
VL Camera

Come on, you scrubby casuals!

Have you ever wondered why do you drop a rank when you lose? Why your teammates kill you when you take the sniper rifle? And what's the deal with those repeated victory crouches that people do on top of dead bodies anyway? The answer to all of the above is "because its Halo!".

Here at The Filthy Casuals Spartan Company, we don't care how good (or bad) you are, we only care that you have fun playing with us. This company aims to provide you with a solid group of buddies to play Halo and have fun with. This isn't a spartan company for trying hard, shouting orders in the mic, coordinated team tactics to win games, or rage quitting.

Don't see any of your Xbox One friends on Halo? Check to see if a fellow Filthy Casual is online and send them a message to see if they want to group up with you! It's our hope that we can provide a enjoyable environment to share your love of Halo without having to worry about "being good enough", and maybe you'll make some new friends along the way.

If you speak English and you're looking for a wacky group of nutjobs to goof around with and aren't looking to be pressured to git gud, then get off your butt and join the Filthy Casuals! Let's rack up those deaths!

Don't hesitate to join our group using the in-game tools, our discord or our forums to find casual players to play Halo!
Spawn, Die, Spawn Again!

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