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1st and current President of Lotus 'Xin Mercenaries (LXM) since 2013, and Marshal of LXM Needs Achilles from 2015 - 2017. Having began my leadership career in January 2009 under REG, I progressed through the ranks and eventually became its leader, serving as such from April 2009 - November 2010, at which time I left the clan. In November 2011, I formed a clan called Death Watch (different from the modern day DW you may be thinking about), and engaged in a war with Mando Clan, with the end result inconclusive. In December 2012, I formed CC, which grew to be on of my largest clans. Following internal dispute I left the clan in September 2013, although my formal resignation would not occur until February 2014. On September 19th, 2013, I formed LXM Clan. I see LXM as a fresh start, and have prioritized our growth and activity. We are accepting to skilled and unskilled, new and old, all can join our ranks if they have the will to serve our cause.

Clan Website:
YouTube Channel: LXM Clan (

Spartan Company

LXM Presidential Guard

LXM Presidential Guard

Honor and Loyalty


32 Members

Est. 6/23/2016


Discord server:

** IMPORTANT: If you wish to join guarantee your acceptance into this division, please apply to join on our main website, and select this division as your preference in the application form. Applications directly to this spartan company will be put through more screening, but may still be accepted.

About the Presidential Guard: the Pres. Guard is part of the larger Lotus 'Xin Mercenaries (LXM), founded and lead by LXM Volo in 2013. The Presidential Guard was formed on June 22nd, 2016, originally called 'LXM Gaming 2'. Its purpose was to serve as a secondary frontier for LXM to expand upon, following the completion of Alpha's recruitment. The division was renamed 'LXM Beta Division' in September 2016, following administrative changes, and for a long time, was considered to be the least active division. On June 3rd, 2017, the division was renamed to the 'LXM Presidential Guard', with the express purpose of serving as President Volo's personal force, a plan to increase competitiveness and activity. The Presidential Guard is currently in the process of rebuilding itself, and its members are expected to receive enhanced training in raids and close quarters combat, the Presidential Guard will likely become the most militaristic division. The division also participates in ceremonial duties, such as convoys, as was seen in LXM's 'A Declaration' youtube video.

LXM Website:
LXM Leadership:
  • President: LXM Volo (September 2013 - present)
  • Vice President: xZeus33x (November 2017 - present)
From the desk of: President LXM Volo
In effect: 9/10/2017
Hello,greetings all, I am Volo, President and Founder of LXM

So I know many of you are new to this company, and that's okay. Please note: We are not an Achilles company. We are a military clan. Although we enjoy working towards Achilles we don't focus on it 100% of the time. That being said, for all new members, is is mandatory for you to join our Discord server. Discord is an app and website meant to connect gamers easier and is a very useful tool. Here is the link to our discord server:
Those who do not join the Discord within 5 days will be kicked from the company, no questions asked.

Description of Ranks: The Military Ranks in LXM are earned by completing various objectives, that vary and get progressively more difficult as time goes on. Each rank has their own special abilities. If you have completed an objective, submit a form here or else you will not rank up. Each rank has their own abilities and ways to rank up. Abilities can range from arranging raids, hosting training, hosting recruitment sessions, and the number of troops that can be commanded at one time. Ways to rank up include months of service, # of members recruited, and games hosted. However, these cannot all fit here, so please view a detailed description of every rank on our ranks page. The Presidential Guard, however, has their own unique ranking structure.

Color/Emblems for Presidential Guard Ranks:

Armor Colors must be worn at all clan sanctioned events. This is a uniform and must be worn proudly and represent LXMs Presidential Guard. Emblem for The Guard must be worn during all clan events. The emblem and color will change depending on what rank is held within The Guard

Armor Colors vary depending on rank
-Enlisted tier 1 (CADT-SSGT)
-Primary: Clay
-Secondary: Sage
-Enlisted tier 2 (SGT1-SGTM)
-Primary: Clay
-Secondary: Rich Mahogany
Officer (2LTN-MAJR)
-Primary: Clay
-Secondary: Blueberry
Central Committee member (LTCL-VICE)
-Primary: Salt
-Secondary: Aqua
Emblem: Principle
    • Primary Color: RANK COLOR.
    • Secondary Color: Salt
    • Tertiary Color: Pepper
Emblem: Helmet

    • Primary Color: Salt
    • Secondary Color: Salt
    • Tertiary Color: Pepper

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