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Who Doesnt Need Achilles

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Est. 4/3/2017

Who Doesn't Need Achilles?
We are a Company dedicated to grinding for the Achilles set. After all, who doesn't want the best-looking armor set this side of the galaxy? But we want to be more than just a random collection of crazy grinders obsessively chasing down this elusive armor. We want to be a community that holds together long after we've earned the Achilles helmet.

This is information to know when joining Who Doesnt Need Achilles

Achilles armor 87.097%
Achilles helmet 60.000%

Who Doesnt Need Achilles will accept any and all players we can. If any player has not played one hour of Halo 5 [excluding customs] in a week, and have not given the leader a reasonable excuse, you are eligible to be discharged if an active player seeks to join. Also, add the leadership! This is not a must, but it helps us communicate on Xbox.
mythicbattlecry AssumedTigress dishonered124 Spygon117 Itz Stubby FTW WolfKing1503154 CptDaban RaZoR AleX zX

As with all other companies, Who Doesnt Need Achilles can only hold 100 members, so also send requests to WDNA 2nd Company, WDNA 3rd Company, The Noobs of Achilles, and The Noobs of Achilles 2.

Who Doesnt Need Achilles has a Discord server that all members should join. WDNA members and members of allied companies will have more access than non-members, and you will gain more permissions as you rank up. Lieutenants especially should hop on.
Who Doesnt Need Achilles official Discord server

Who Doesnt Need Achilles is willing to ally with most any company. Alliance rules are straightforward, you help us grind, we help you grind, and you will be welcomed as if you are a member of the WDNA while still retaining your autonomy. Allied players will also have allowances on our Discord according to their role in their company. Allied companies will be listed below.
The Noobs of Achilles

Ranks & Divisions
When joining Who Doesnt Need Achilles, you will be assigned a Division, Covenant or UNSC, unless you applied as a mercenary. There are two different rank paths, one for Covenant, and one for UNSC, and you advance ranks by completing Halo 5: Guardians commendations. I will message out promotions every Sunday, but you may decline any promotion you wish; however, you may not skip ranks in this fashion. Each rank will earn you progressively more permissions in our Discord server.

Covenant ranks:
Unggoy Minor - Base rank
Unggoy Major - 10 commendations
Yanme'e Minor - 25 commendations
Yanme'e Major - 40 commendations
Kig-Yar Minor - 55 commendations
Kig-Yar Major - 70 commendations
Mgalekgolo - 85 commendations
Mgalekgolo Captain - 100 commendations
Jiralhanae Minor - 125 commendations
Jiralhanae Major - 150 commendations
Sangheili Minor - 200 commendations
Sangheili Major - 250 commendations
UNSC ranks:
Recruit Grade 1 - Base rank
Recruit Grade 2 - 10 commendations
Recruit Grade 3 - 25 commendations
Marine Grade 1 - 40 commendations
Marine Grade 2 - 60 commendations
Marine Grade 3- 80 commendations
ODST Grade 1 - 100 commendations
ODST Grade 2 - 120 commendations
ODST Grade 3 - 150 commendations
Spartan-IV - 180 commendations
Spartan-III - 210 commendations
Spartan-II - 250 commendations
Max ranks:
Forerunner - 360 commendations
Precursor - 470 commendations
Lieutenant - Prove yourself worthy [can be any rank]
Leadtenant - Lead an active expansion company

Who Doesnt Need Achilles' official website contains a list of WDNA's companies, leadership, ranks, and Achilles progress for all WDNA companies.
Who Doesnt Need Achilles official website

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