Hello! I am the SaneMountain212 but you can call me Sane! The only ranked Spartan here with Autism probably on Waypoint. I been a Halo fan since 4 years old since playing Halo 2. I'm have been told as a Legend and I joined Waypoint on 12/08/15.
Name: Sane

Service #:S-212

Unit: ONI Spec Ops

Primary Military Specialization: Assassin

Enlistment Date: 2517

Location: [Classified]

Gender: M

Birthplace: Earth

Birth Date: July 30th 2511

Performance: Lethal with silent weapons in close quarters and long range


NOTES: He has this rare thing for a Spartan to have called Autism

Spartan's choice of equipment: Energy Sword and modified Energy Dagger. Silenced M932 Designated Marksmen Rifle with modified scope. Silenced M6D with Burst fire features. Duel wielded M7S with modified bullets.

.Some of your Spartans previous engagements: Battle of Reach and Earth

Current Operation:[Classified]

Notable Relations: [Classified]

Service Commendations: [Classified]

UNSC Tenure/Years of active duty:[Classified]

Letters of recommendation from previous commanders: S-212 has been showing me the best work I have never seen. He is quite proficient at stealth then any Spartan I trained. He is quite talented with sword and the knife and special "exotic prototype blade weapons. He also a damn accurate marksmen with the BR55 and M932. He is damn a good marksmen almost having the same results with S-058 but damn close.
Mendez 2525
I use to have a song here but you can see it right here a day support it! Link

Spartan Company

The Waypointers

The Waypointers

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Est. 7/13/2017

This company is product of a group of idiots with way too much time on their hands. If you're like that or simply just active on Halo Waypoint, this is the company for you!


    • Do not be rude or insulting to anybody.
    • Ages 14 and younger will not be accepted. Exceptions will be made, but you must prove yourself.
    • You must be active on the forums in some way, shape or form (replying to threads, posting feedback, etc.)
    • Forum rank does not matter, You can join whether you're a Recruit, ODST, Spartan, whatever. If you attack someone based on their rank, you will be punished.
    • You must be active on our community Discord server. Keep in mind that the rules still apply there. When accepted, you will be PM'ed the link to join.
    • No standard invitations will be accepted. We want invitations to be convincing and compelling.
    • NOTE: We have members in the Discord chat that are members of other companies and in some cases, Monitors on Halo Waypoint. Do not use the Discord as a means to incite conflicts between companies or attempt to reach Monitors with complaints. Our Discord is a way to communicate with members of the Company, but first and foremost, it is a method for anyone and everyone across Halo Waypoint to gather and talk as a community. If you hold beef with anyone, take it up privately. If you have to talk to the Monitors about something that happened on Waypoint, do it on Waypoint.
We will occasionally hold community Custom Game Nights. These are your chance to come play with us and introduce yourself! You can get to know us and we can get to know you. Visit the Discord Spartan Company section for times and dates.If you have any questions, you may contact Wraith0912, SaneMountain212 , mastergamer015, or RuthlessSkate94. You may reach us though private messages either here on the forums or on Discord.

See you in the chats, everyone!

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