My name is Katt. I have been playing Halo since CE, and have always loved the series. I've never been a much into multiplayer until 5 though. I'm not the greatest player, I have good games and bad games. But I do my best and that's all anyone can do.

I love cats! And you will always hear me saying something to my cats while on the headset! I have 2, and I am fostering 2. I like to write poetry, though it's been a while since I last wrote anything. I love watching anime and reading manga. My all time favorite anime is Zoids! I love listening to music and have a pretty varied taste. One of my favorite bands is AWOLNATION. I love to read also! And fish. I'm quite the mess, to say the least!

I have a daughter, that so far is exactly like me (oh -Yoink-...).

So that is me. If you have questions please ask! I will answer virtually anything (of course, with exceptions!)

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Shadow Phoenix Squad

Shadow Phoenix Squad

Rise from the ashes...


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Est. 1/8/2016

Lurk in the shadows and rise from the ashes like the mighty Phoenix!

SPS Is always looking for new recruits to join our ever-growing group! We mostly play Halo 5 but have veteran Halo players as well! We play for fun, with a hint of competition. We don't care much for KDA so have no fear there! Come make some new friends and join Shadow Phoenix Squad!

*Achilles Armor - 1/5/17

If you're interested in joining, please note that we have a sort of "interview" before officially accepting (or in very rare cases rejecting) your application! But please make sure when you send us an application you tell us about yourself! We don't want the generic applications. Thanks!

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