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Welcome to my profile (⌐■_■)

My favorite campaign is Halo 3
My favorite multiplayer is Halo 5
My favorite game mode is Fiesta slayer

Casual gamer, hardly ever play ranked

I wish to complete all Halo games on Legendary, I have finished Reach, ODST, and 3. Currently working on 4

That's the end of my bio, why are you still here you creep....

Spartan Company

Idk what to call this

Idk what to call this

Didn't even name the company..


5 Members

Est. 5/25/2021

Hello there
general kenobi...

Um, I made this because I wanted to become an active part of the community (rule over a lot of people). I don't know how many people will want to join, with our extremely appealing name and motto, but uh, I can hope can't I?

I'll make a discord server if let’s hypothetically say it was this link

Now for formalities and rules:
  • don't be an idiot
  • be chill, don't attack people for no reason
  • don't be toxic, I hate toxic people >:(
  • try to be active, but I'm more concerned about getting actual members for now lol
  • play Halo (obviously, why would you be here if you don't?)
  • I guess I'll make more rules as you guys do more stupid things..?
  • Have fun, or not, it depends on how you feel
Also, if we get enough people to have an active community, let's try and be active in the company forums, as well as the discord (when I make it(I shooted Plorp made it!))


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