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My name is Kris and I am a 16 year old born in England and currently living in Australia. I am relatively new to Halo but it has come to be my favorite game series of all time.

I am known as ALazyShisno/A Lazy Shisno on most of my accounts such as Youtube and Twitter. If you've watched Red vs. Blue you probably know where it comes from :D

I am a dedicated contributor to Halopedia where I go by the username Topal the Pilot.

I first learned about Halo near the beginning of 2012 but never gave it much attention. A few months later I went around to my friends house and we played Halo 3 and I had a great time with it (not that I was good at it). This sparked my interest so I started researching Halo and found out Halo 4 was coming out later that year. I watched Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn but for some reason I never ended up getting Halo 4 (from what I've heard I didn't miss out on much in respect to the multiplayer) and I sadly lost interest in Halo all together. Until the teaser trailer for Halo: The Master Chief Collection came out. It got me very excited and before I knew it I had bought Halo: Reach, ever since then I have loved the series. After I played through Reach I bought Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary and finally The Master Chief Collection. The only Halo games I haven't played are Halo Wars, Halo: Spartan Assault and Halo: Spartan Strike because of my disinterest for those types of games.

I have started to practice speed running in Halo after watching the great Nak3d_Eli and I am getting better everyday. My Haloruns Profile.

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Warrior Servants

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Do you like the competitive teamwork-oriented Arena or just want to wreak havoc in Warzone? No matter your preference, Warrior Servants would love to take you aboard!

With regular competitive Arena tournaments, Warzone matches, custom-games, Forge contests and much more there will never be a dull moment serving in Warrior Servants.

Use the Warrior Servants Forum to organize games or events or just talk about Halo. And make sure to regularly check the forums for updates.

For organized Competitive Arena games and custom-games a mic will be required. For everything else it is only recommended.

There are no requirements to join Warrior Servants, but make sure to respect other members and don't be vulgar.

Clan Tag - SVNT

I'll see you on the battlefield Spartans.

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