NAME: Leo "Ace" King

Rank: Lieutenant


BRANCH: NavSpecWar/Spartan IV Program



LOCATION: UNSC Infinity (as of halo 5)


AGE: 26 (as of halo 5)

BIRTHPLACE: Reach, New Alexandria

BIRTH DATE: September 4, 2532

PERFORMANCE: Ace[Leo King] is very cold, closed off, and straight to the point most likely coming from his depression and despite of his family. Ace is skilled in urban warfare from his three year experience of living on the streets of New Alexandria after being kicked out by his father[Jack King: KIA] at the age of 17. Ace was born "Leo Sai King" he dubbed himself "Ace as a way to spite his parents, the ace being higher than the king. After living with no purpose for three years, The Covenant discovered Reach and Ace decided to enlist in the UNSC Marine Corps at the age of 19. His determination and his selflessness in the defense/evacuation of his home city, New Alexandria, earned him the rank of corporal by the time reach fell[August 30, 2552]. Ace made it off Reach and was present in The Battle of Earth[October 20-November 17, 2552] and The Battle of Installation 00[December 11, 2552]. By the end of that year[2552] Ace reached the rank of sergeant.

Ace's specialization in CQB/CQC comes from his affinity for the MA5B, MA5C, M7 PDW, M20 PDW, and the M45 Tactical Shotgun. While he was known for his skill in close quarters he also tended to carry an M392 Designated Marksman Rifle for flexability. When the M395 DMR came out he Continued using the M392 DMR untill the M392B DMR came out.

When Ace was considered for the Spartan-IV program the first class of Spartan-IVs was already active[January 7, 2553], so he was kept in mind for the next class the following year, where he was eventually enrolled in and graduated from the second class of Spartan-IVs and was given the tag F-115.

Ace currently presides on the UNSC Infinity where he trains in war games simulator, studies covenant weapons and trains in EVA[M12B FAV, Type-54 GSA, AV-49 Attack VTOL]

Helmet: Greyish-Black/Red CQB[GEN2], Golden/Bronze Visor [Legendary]
Armor: Greyish-Black/Red Valkyrie
Large Black Bladed Kukri Knife (Lucy)[Carried on left shoulder]
Stainless Steel Serrated Combat Knife[Carried on the the right peck]
Personalized M45 Tactical Shotgun /w White/Black paint + Red Accents (Lily)[Carried on back]
M6H PDWS Tactical Magnum w/ Full Moon paint[Carried of left hip]
M20 PDW SMG w/ Detachable Suppressor and Recon Sight [Carried on right hip]

FAVORED WEAPONARY: M20 PDW (SMG), M6H PDWS (Magnum), M739 LMG (Saw), M45 Tactical Shotgun (Halo Reach Shotgun)

-Nyx Xi Yirrous

YEARS OF SERVICE: 6 (as of halo 5)

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