-SII S146 (Non-Canon)
-Skilled Spartan/ Playing since Halo 3
-Active On Weekends (IRL Stuff)
-PC Forger // Customs Player

Leader of Fireteam Commonwealth (Tamriel Outlaws)
New Nickname is: Alexa

I'm a very easy going guy, who enjoys a bit of banter, my main games I play are Destiny and Halo, so you get a fair idea of what sort of dude I am.
Hit me up if your looking for friends or just a game to play

Spartan Company

UEG Orion

UEG Orion

See You On The Field


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Est. 10/12/2019

Welcome to the official Spartan Company of the United Extreme Gaming (UEG) Orion Branch!

Orion Branch is all about Halo. We are a group all about playing together with friends...
Although some of us are quirky, crazy and downright silly with a sprinkle of absolutely chaotic, we all love eachother nonetheless.

If you were or are a member of UEG Orion, don't hesitate to run into our open arms!
Unless you got removed for being stupid, then begone heretic!

If you are someone new and yet still interested in this ragtag unit of uncomfortable camaraderie then first hit up any of these members listed below;
UEG WaLLy AC / / UEG Hawkeye / / UEG ShoukoShot / / ALIXKEELAN146 (the awesome, good-looking guy writing this!) / / UEG KingPython

We mainly use Discord to communicate and organize events like Game Night!
We do use Xbox DM's and the Xbox Glass App as well, don't be hesitant to hit us up with spam.

Don't actually do that. You'll make us cry...

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