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Don't expect much information but, I am Alpha Recon1911, and I am here reporting for duty! I plan to bring as much positivity to the forums as long as there are no dirty blues- I mean negativity! And I will gracefully lead my fellow members of Adamant (and strangers who join our fire team lobbies) to victory!
"Its a good day to die!"

I have recently decided to be more active on the forums. For those looking at my profile, here are some websites I gave out to help people. These range from Forge, to gameplay sites, and websites that give you a ton of information about the lore in the Halo Universe.
ForgeHub This is a website for forgers to come together to post their lovely, unique, and absolutely bad-Yoink!- maps.

Halotracker This site gives information about Commendations, Leaderboards, and includes a Forum.

Universe - Halo 5: Guardians This site gives general information like walkthroughs, some lore of the game, and features in the game (weapons, abilities, easter eggs).

Halo Archive "The Halo Archive Forum is our Halo community where users can intelligently ponder the lore of any universe without worry" (Halo Archive).

Achievement Hunters This is my current Spartan Company.

Fireteam Adamant This Spartan Company is one that I have played with and enjoyed. For these players prefer to have good sportsmanship rather than farm players from the community. They often enjoy having full lobbies, and facing against top companies in the game

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