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The name's Alphamerican, but you can call me Alpha. I'm the executioner for the Antiperspirants, which means I discharge the dead weight.

Frank O'Connor is wrong, Halo 5's REQ System is 100% intrusive and is absolutely not player-friendly. It's pay-to-win in Warzone, it ruined Spartan customization, and it costs just under $1000 dollars to unlock everything. Microtransactions are a plague on the gaming industry, and is made even worse with RNG gambling loot boxes.

Spartan Company

The Antiperspirants

The Antiperspirants

Don't forget to bring a towel!


68 Members

Est. 5/15/2016

Achilles Complete: 15 May 2016 - 19 Mar 2018
Armor Acquired 21 Feb 2017
Helmet Acquired 19 Mar 2018

Welcome to the Antiperspirants, a casual Spartan Company who just finished the long grind for Achilles. Now that we've finally gotten the helmet, we're taking things pretty easy for now. Thank-you to all members of the Antiperspirants, old and new, for the effort put into getting us here.

Make Tea-Bagging Great Again!

Yes We Camp!

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