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A warzone and arena active halo player

Spartan Company

The New Spartan Order

The New Spartan Order

Ubi concordia, ibi victoria

85 Members

Est. 3/20/2016

If you have found us then your search has brought you to the darkest of places where others do not dare to journey to. A place were outcast have been forced to go, no acceptance and no justice. A team forged of the best to the worst and everything in between, from lone wolves to team players, we are the misunderstood, the undesirables, the untamable, we are the new spartan order. Join us as we take the fight to those who deemed us unworthy!

Clan Requirements: All you have to do is be as active as you can and contribute the best you can in either the forums or in-game.

Communication: Currently we are using the means of the "Band" app/website to keep in touch with our Spartans (not required but favored)

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