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Founder of the Spartan Company 0s Finest.

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0s Finest

0s Finest

Have Fun, Grind Hard, Win Lots


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Est. 9/6/2018

Welcome to 0s Finest, a Spartan Company with the goals to bring the best of the Halo community together for a greater social experience. We encourage both cooperative and competitive play, and we expect our members to be on their best behaviour when representing the company. To ensure these goals, we have some rules we expect our members to follow:
  • Have fun, while competitive play is encouraged, our priority is ensuring our members are enjoying playing any of Halo games.
  • Grind hard, we encourage cooperation across members to complete company commendations for any members looking to receive the Achilles set, however this is not our focus.
  • Win plenty, while we are mostly a cooperative group, we encourage our competitive players to bring in the Onyx for the company as a whole.
  • Be a good sportsman, any unsportsman-like behaviour (e.g. Leaving a game early because you are losing, malicious trolling of other players, general toxicity in the community etc.) will not be tolerated and will result in action taken against any transgressors.
If a member is caught breaking rules, particularly being a bad sportsman, then they will be remain under our attention so we may be able to make the right decisions. If the behaviour persists, company leadership will notify them and give them a warning. If the behaviour still persists, they will be removed from the company. After 4-5 days, they will be allowed to rejoin the company, but if the behaviour still persists, the next time they are removed will be a permanent ban,
(Last updated: 8 Sept. 2018)

We hope to see you in the rosters soon, Spartans!

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