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Spartan Company

Pure Talent

Pure Talent

Our name says it all...

94 Members

Est. 7/5/2019


NOTE: If you request to join and only send the default message you will be declined.

We are looking for good active players to help grind the commendations. So please don’t request to join if you only play customs, mostly play games other than Halo 5, or barley play at all.

• When you request to join let us know how often you play along with what gametypes you mostly play, whether it’s Warzone, BTB, Quick Play, Ranked Slayer, etc.

• Add the leader once you joined. (pT ExtortioN)
You will get added back.

NOTE: We often check the frequency and status of your games played, so if you are not playing much, you may be replaced.

Other than that we are a laid back company that is here to make some friends and have a good time while we grind. So if you are looking to play add any of the members and have some fun.

See you on the battlefield!

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