Greetings Spartans, I am Arbiter Drakle. Glory to Sanghelios! I game in the name of the Arbiter. You come before a Powerful Commander of the Swords of Sanghelios, if you support Injustice and Dishonor then prepare to be Defeated in Honorable Combat. In the Meantime, I will Enjoy facing you on the Battlefield and in the Custom Games. Glory to the Swords of Sanghelios!

But in all Seriousness, Greetings and Salutations! Welcome to the account of the Youtube Channel Drakle Studios. I enjoy gaming not for Competition, but for Story and Enjoyment. I'm also A Major Lore Junky, specifically to the the Covenant Races, I mainly Prefer the Sangheili with that. I also make Machinima so if you want to Join in on some Body Acting Message me. Glory to Sanghelios!

Spartan Company

Sangheili Rebellion 2

Sangheili Rebellion 2



82 Members

Est. 12/24/2015

Anyone who support the Sangheili cause can join, rather you prefer spartan or elite we don't mind. We just ask you support us. You can even invite friends if you want.

as we are nearing our limit please look to Sangheili Rebellion 1 or 3.

Please communicate with us in our company forum from time to time, it's nice to know if your still alive or not...


We are the storm and the lightning, we are the flame that keeps on burning, we are the wind flying through the air, we are the Sangheli and we will no longer be silenced.

This is the Sangheli Rebellion 2

Clan Tag: BBTE
Play day: every Friday

Current fleet master of Sangheili Rebellion 2: RuthlessSkate94 (if you have any questions feel free to contact our fleet master)
current ultras: sniper945 robcuz13 Arbiter Drakle9

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