Before you ask yes, ive played Halo Reach and completed it on Legendary. I recently Changed my Xbox Name from KibkieWolf to well this.
And i cant wait for Halo MCC, ive played halo Since it came out on the Black and Green Xbox.

Ive been known as many things, over the years ive been online and apart of the Halo Community.
But as part of the Halo RP Community, ive been known by one name alone, Arbiter Thel'Vadam.

Im mainly known by this way because 3-4 years ago i founded the SoS on a Large RP Server, and it became the largest faction, led by me with honor and dignity.
This SoS Faction followed me, and trusted every choice i made. They did not follow me out of Blind Loyalty, but because the saw me as the Actual Arbiter Thel'Vadam.
While most did not understand this, others did and those who were loyal and still are loyal long after i left that RP Server, they still follow me were ever i may go. And if i should leave and vanish, and one day call opon them, they would follow me in a Heartbeat.

For my life, wasnt like Thel's . My life was quite different as far as family and station go. But in the way i act, think and talk, and in the choices i make. To those who follow me, i am the walking incarnation of Arbiter Thel'Vadam as if he was a Real being. I may not sound like a Keith David, but i give it my all and lead with Honor and Dignity, as i bear my own mark of shame in this world, hidden by my own Armor of Redemption.


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For the Arbiter!!!


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Est. 3/23/2019

We are the Swords of Sangheilios, while not the actual lore Faction. We are the ones who chose to Represent it across the gaming platforms were halo resides. We are mostly based on PC, but with the MCC Coming to PC and the possibility of cross platform interactions between players, we will be looking to Expand our Faction. We operate mostly as RP, but we will take up the Swords and fight our enemies in PvP if Necessary.

We are composed of multiple regiments and species, which you can find listed bellow along with our roster.

Keep in mind most of our ranks and positions can be Custom Lore, as there isnt much to gone on, so we can only expand it for the better
This Group was made in preperation for Halo MCC, and seen as we are the SoS , we will mainly play as the Sangheili Faction on Halo Games, namely Sangheili due to there only being that playable species. But let hope we can mod in the other species to be playable :D

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