The grind is on. I have been at it since Halo 3 introduced me to a crazy world of genocidal aliens, a galactic threat of consumption by a parasitic life form, and an mysterious ancient race of beings that destroyed everything to stop said parasites.
After that I sought out every Halo game and played late into the night. Honing my skills to fight for a good death.

Bare your fangs Spartans.

Spartan Company



Collecting Skulls Since 2557.


100 Members

Est. 8/8/2020

—💯—100% of Gamers are allowed to join nobody will be kicked/replaced unless a player isn’t being a good sport.—💯—
—💀—(aka inappropriate language, abuse, harassment, etc.)—💀—
—🤝—If we work together, we can get the Achilles Gear!—🤝—
—🎮—Lets Do This gamers!—🎮—
—💀—There are no requirements to join. There is 1 game requirement, you MUST be online at least once a week unless you're power or WiFi is out, or if you are on a vacation. (This game time requirement rule does not apply to the Leader or the Company Lieutenants.)

If possible, please try to join one of my Squadrons, if you can.

—🥉🥈🥇—. We are all different skill levels, from noob to 152 I-didn’t-know-I-was-playing-reach. —🥉🥈🥇—

If you speak Spanish, it is recommended that you also speak English!
Si habla espanol, se recomienda que hable ingles!

—🤴— Leadership: Cr33perbl4st—🤴—

Avalon kros
N0BLE 705

🥇—💪—🥇Trial of Achilles: Armor: 19 commendations completed, helmet: 2 mastery requirements met🥇—💪—🥇

You MUST be on once a week trying to get Achilles or you WILL be kicked. Not many members were on the past week, so you better start helping if you want the Achilles. It isn't fair if someone didn't grind for the Achilles when someone else would. FINAL CHANCE!
Custom Games do not count!
Get into Fireteams of Six in Warzone for Maximum Mayhem!

—💀—Join our Discord Server(s) if you want to ask questions.—💀—

—💀—Last updated 10/8/2020—💀—

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Feet First

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