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Sangheili Biographical Information

  • Name: Odin Zy Lhar
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 38
  • Birthdate: June 15th, 2522
  • Birthplace: Lhar State, Sanghelios
  • Species: Sangheili
  • Height: 9'2"
  • Weight: 334 lbs
  • Eye Color: Golden
  • Skin Tone/Color: Dark Gray/Black
Sangheili Political and Military Information
  • Affiliation(s): Covenant Empire (formerly), DarkStorm Empire (currently)
  • Faction Alliance(s): Grand Imperium
  • Covenant Rank (former): Fleet Master
  • DarkStorm Empire Rank (currently): Supreme Commander/Emperor
  • Notable Titles: Swordmaster (Reach & 5), Tankmaster (Reach), Banshee Master (Reach & 5), Ship Master (Halo 3, Reach, & 5), Fleet Master
  • Campaign(s): Siege of Paris IV, Fall of Reach, Battle for Peace (Scar 7), Invasion of Tredadon, Conquest over Envoy
  • Flagship: OAS Class - Assault Carrier “Inevitable Extinction”
  • Flag-Fleet: "Combined Fleet of Unraveled Nightmares"
Other Profile(s):
Supreme Commander - N/A (Combined Fleet of Deceitful Choices)
Fleet Master - N/A (Fleet of Evanescent Memories)
Ship Master - N/A (CSO - Crusade of Everlasting Rectitude)
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Spartan Company

Team Hakai

Team Hakai

One Mind, Any Weapon

100 Members

Est. 10/19/2015

CURRENTLY RECRUITING ACTIVE PLAYERS!!! (Achilles Armor achieved, currently working for Helmet.)

Leaders and Founders:
Dest1nedxKNIGHT and GirlyxNerd


  • Respect ALL members of the Team. No form of disrespect will be tolerated, we are a family.
  • Play 2 games of Warzone a month.
  • Play with the team once a month.
  • Attend one hosted Company Warzone event every 2 months.
  • All ages accepted, 18+ preferred.
  • Join or Facebook Group Chat. It's how we communicate!
Welcome to TEAM HAKAI, Spartans! We are a company of players dedicated to playing Halo as a group and having fun at any time.

What - We are a Company composed of Competitive and Casual Players. We play Arena, Warzone, and Customs. We either get sweaty or chill out.
When - Game nights are arranged once a week on Fridays, Saturdays, or Sundays.
Who - Our company consist of Competitive and Casual players of all different ages and skill levels.

Together, we bring Fear, Destruction to our enemies and Successfully complete our missions. In the name of Hakai we are all brothers and sisters and we shall Fight as such and never leave one another behind. "To a real Warrior, power perceived may be power Achieved."

Honorary Hakai Members: PANTHRO85 WorthierCub06, DIMENSI0NS, Innerlock, Dark Mist94, MERKUMx

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