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Music enthusiast, desiel mechanic in college, yeah I'm pretty simple.

Things I hate?
Self labeling "veterans", or anyone who dare used the word "Veteran", without truly proving they were in the military. Nothing makes you a veteran more than serving your country.

Things I love?
I love making conversations, I'm a very curious person about why you say what you say, and act the way you act.
If you're curious about me, since maybe you're curious, here's a biography you may read.

My name is Zack, 19 years old and I study Diesel Mechanics for an associate degree in college. I was born with an physical deformation named Bilateralpolysyndactily, a big word maybe spelt wrong. But let me explain what that is. My FINGERS. Were born webbed together, and I actually had extra finger bones around in my hand, it basically looked like a whole baseball glove of flesh. This can affect feet also. The Bi part means both my left, and right hands have been affected, my thumbs are long and cannot twist and turn, they're straight and will never bend, 16 surgeries I had to try and get my hands as good as they could. Anyways if you're interested in conversation with me, please do. Also you can never get to my bad side, even though I use words in a harsh manner doesn't mean you have my bad side, so be calm. =) Also, if you ever see me do typos, I do not have an computer. I use my phone only, please understand that, thanks!

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We're a Collective!

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Est. 10/26/2015

Welcome to the official Halo Collective Spartan Company!

In hopes of bringing the Collective together from either our Facebook Page or our YouTube Channel we have created the official Halo Collective Spartan Company. This way we can bring ourselves closer to those whom enjoy our content! Those whom are of higher ranking will be the staff from the Halo Collective for any whom may have been curious.

Even if you're not here for the previously mentioned topics, that is perfectly fine as well! Anyone whom wishes to join may join, as we hope this Spartan Company will be a place of good and enjoyable fun. Meet new people, set up new friendships, just have a great time! Feel free to explore the Forum section of the Spartan Company that way we can flourish together!

HC Lord BrEeZy - Chris has been part of the HC family for a few years now, and is a seasoned veteran of the meme crew. He escaped the sex dungeon and has since started streaming weekly on Twitch and makes more content for the Collective. You can follow him on youtube as well YT: Iron Lord Breezy Twitch: Dabiusbreezicus

HC BlameRickey - Rickey is our YouTube Community Manager, and a Lore Fan at heart. If you want to speak with him feel free to message him! If there is any problem that arises, feel free to blame Rickey for it, even if you know who truly did it. That's what we do, anyway. #blamerickey

HC FrenchFox - Maxx is our friend from across the seas, in the land of catacombs and haunted tunnels under the city. Might I also mention he handles video editing and much more?! Also, he has a disturbing love for foxes, almost on the borderline of full-on "lover" of foxes. Don't ask why, we don't know either.

HC Lasky - Bronson (formerly AlaskanWhalers) He is a whaler whom lives in Jersey. Aside from that monumental piece of info he is also another Machinimator on our channel. He helps with multiple different things aside from Machinima and we are lucky to have him. One of his series he is working on is the "The Mod E. Fiers." He also had a personal channel before he joined us, as such he brought one of his more popular series with him so please be sure to go check out Halo Fails 'N' Wins!

HC Tylar - Tyler is the head of Halo Collective, and manages all parts of our group. He also commonly voice acts, edits videos, and makes machinimas. You may also know him as the creator of The Professional. Anywho, he's a great guy and an awesome... "boss"? I guess. We love you Tyler! ...and yes, we do realize he spells it "Tylar"...

Mega LCRO - Isaac is one of our slav- . . . erm, "body actors". He has helped a lot for a good portion of our Machinimas,

SuperMemeMan420 - Adam is one of our video editors, and he is commonly seen doing news videos, and various other pieces of content for us! He is also our official "meme lord", and provides us with our daily dosage of memes. Our videos wouldn't come out as commonly without him.

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