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Est. 7/20/2020

Join BroHammerX TODAY on MCC, Halo 5 and Halo Infinite when it Drops! We are primarily an English speaking Spartan Company, but are happy to invite anyone that is willing to work hard and play even harder. We are currently rebuilding our Spartan Company and hope to make it one where everyone can feel welcome.

We act as a family, but move as a team. If you have been accepted into this Spartan Company then it is because we saw potential in you, don't waste it!

>>Cooperative 🛡️
Much like the Achievement that this Spartan Company is named after, at it's Core BroHammerX is focused on working together, whether that's to earn Commendations, to get through a difficult level of the Campaign together, or just to get through a few matches, so if cooperative gameplay, without the pressure of being kicked out if you don't perform well enough is your cup of tea, then our Spartan Company is the one for you!

>>Competitive ⚔️
Our Halo Spartan Company does not at all shy away from competitive battling, so join us to shoot up a storm in Competitive game modes!

>>Campaign 🎖️
I think anyone can agree that one thing Halo games have always had going for them is an enjoyable Campaign, so if you, as a member of BroHammerX ever want to play through your Campaign modes with a squad, I'm sure we will be able to sort that out for you.

>>Ranking System
Your rank in our Spartan Company, similarly to our Destiny branch, will depend on your dedication. If you prove to be loyal and show an ability to manage a team during certain days with me and/or my Lieutenants, then I may consider talking to my Lieutenants, and with everyone's approval, having you promoted you to the rank of Lieutenant yourself. Of course your Rank isn't a huge factor in the Clan, but if communicating with our members and putting together teams for game sessions is something that you are interested in and enjoy, you are welcome to let us know.

>>Everyone is valuable
Everyone has different skill sets, and in this Spartan Company everyone is of use in their own way. No one is to be treated with any kind of disrespect, and everyone should do their best to enjoy themselves. This is a game after all! As a Spartan Company we are all about no man being left behind, which means if one of your fellow Spartans pinned out there, you should do your best to help them out, rather than letting them go down. Teamwork, and enjoyment are our number one priorities in this Spartan Company, so whatever happens, make sure to work together, and have a good time!

We play across all of the Halo series, and even have a Destiny Clan as well for those who are interested in both franchises. We would love to invite members of the community, new and old to join us for the next stage of our adventure! ☆

>>Side note!
As a side note, if you feel like anyone is giving you a hard time, feel free to tell me or another leader and we will do our best to sort it out and make sure it doesn't happen again.

Additionally, to avoid any confusion, I would like to give some heads up clarification that we have players from many different backgrounds and time zones, therefore play times and availability may vary from person to person. Thank you for understanding!

We hope that this gave you some idea of our Spartan Companies values. If you are interested in joining then either send a request to BroHammerX or message myself (Bennyjojo31) or Spudnik99 directly. Thank you for reading, and good gaming everyone!

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