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Greetings fellow Spartans -

Hi, I'm BL0ODY JAW - Long time Halo fan and gamer.

I've been playing Halo since Combat Evolved was first released back on the original Xbox - and since I've played most of the Halo series. (1,2,3,4,5 ODST and Reach)

I've been gaming in general for over 30 years, going back to when I was 5 years old tapping away on a Sinclair Spectrum!

I'm currently heading up new Spartan Company - ALPHA SPARTAN

We are a friendly bunch, with a good mix of social and competitive players. We are always open to taking on new members, so check out of member capacity to see if we have available space.

I'm online as often as possible - as much as work and family commitments allow!

Spartan Company



66 Members

Est. 7/19/2016

If your going to send a request to join please submit your current highest CSR rank (example Gold 6 in Swat) and your timezone (not really needed but requested) so we can better suit your needs to play with other members.

Achilles Armor Progress: 100% complete
Achilles Helmet Progress: 45% completed.


Welcome to the home of our team Alpha Spartan.

We are currently working hard to unlock Achilles, all members are focused and committed to this achievement - we play in Warzone and Arena. If you are searching for a fireteam, create a post in the forums.

New Information will be postet in the company forums. Make sure to check as often as possible.

We have a good mix of ages and skill levels - all are welcome as long as they are going to be active and a team player.

We have an open recruitment right now. We did some cuts recently.

( Member activity is tracked and spots can and will open up - so if you're interested, give us a shout) Or Direct Message XxSarinthxX on XBL

* Company Update - Our new purely competitive company is now up and running - *
Membership to TnC is by invite only and your best route is to join Alpha Spartan and prove your metal.

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