"Consider architect of death. Giver of despair. Or Leo. Leo's cool too."
Leone-G045 (2556, to a Marine aboard INFINITY)

Spartan Leone-G045 is a former Spartan III turned spartan IV who served on Reach and Requiem at least, that is what is known to public records.. His team was one of the few teams to receive Mjolnir Armor during the Fall Of Reach. Since they had Mjolnir Armor, they were immediately labeled Spec Ops and launched into SPECWAR/Group Four. SPECWAR/Group Four is a special operations unit under command of [REDACTED], callsign Stalker. They specialized in Hazardous operations, whether that be the Flood or a simple Tsunami. Trained by Lucy-B091 and Tom-B292, it was noted early on by his fellow trainees that he had some form of attachment to Lucy-B091, meaning a possible attraction or admiration. Leone-G045 is highly talented and gifted in marksmanship. Both Danny-G297 and Leone-045 were put into the a fireteam with Jarrett-G153, Tyler-G178, Emily-G078, and Lucille-G009. He was second in command to Danny-G297. Handed a SRS99C-S2 AM Sniper Rifle, he became the one of the highest lethal subjects within his class. He got so good at his job, he earned the name "Reaper" from ODSTs. When Reach finally fell, they flew off the and linked up with an unknown frigate. Ending up on Infinity. One of the many Spartan III teams to make it without the whole team, he and his Danny were the only two left of Stalker to see Reach fall. Offered a position in the Spartan IV program after some time, He and Danny Accepted. On an op gone South on Requiem, Leone found the courage as he was injured to take on a whole squadron of Promethean Knights single handedly in defense of Danny. They had some sort of relationship of unknown nature. There bond deepened heavily, almost to the point they were inseparable. Danny-G297 went and led a fire team, but all of her Spartans were killed in ship malfunction. She has recently regrouped with Leone, and they are completely off the grid. It was noted by ONI his strange interest with John-117, not showing hate but some sort of disdain. He was once quoted saying, “I was there on the fall of Reach too, you’re not special. He’s not special.” He has shown signs of heavy PTSD, and a temporary Post-Traumatic Vocal Disarticulation that lasted about a week back on Reach after his first glassing. He is now one of the best shots in the spartan community, making even Jun smile. He is currently a Lieutenant and sent to a two man team, working as some of ONI’s special assets. As his kill count increases, so does his craving for more. According to recent statistics, he is the third top marksman, second to Jun-A266 and third to Linda-058. His preferred weaponry is whatever is quick and quiet, his armor consist of experimental plating using carbon nanotubes, and a more standard red. He hasn’t been seems since the end of the Requim Campaign, but the all to familiar trademark of a wolf howling at a sparrow has been seen at many battlefields, or unexplainable deaths.


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