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Feel free to add me :3
I'm usually playing WZFF
I'm not super competitive so i rarely play arena

Spartan Company

Road to SR 152

Road to SR 152

Join us on the road to SR 152

8 Members

Est. 7/1/2020

*****PLEASE READ*****


Join us on the road to SR 152! It's a long journey that is better traveled with friends!

We welcome anyone who is dedicated to the long grind toward the max rank in Halo 5! 343i has publicly stated that they have a "special gift" for those who achieve this!

This company was started in order to connect with other players who are also on the grind to SR 152 and to utilize the XP we get for completing company commendations. Even though it's not a lot, a little definitely goes a long way. This company is focused on being FAST and EFFICIENT. Especially when it comes to Warzone Firefight. We are looking for players who are not afraid to spend reqs in order to be successful!

-Do not submit the default join request message! We want to get to know you and want to know your personality!
-A mic is crucial for communication and is recommended, but not required.
-Treat everyone within the company with respect.
-Must show recent activity in Multiplayer. This does not include Custom Games. We have a goal and if you want to be apart of that goal then do your part. ****Members showing numerous custom games or excessive days without activity will be reviewed**** (We understand that there will be situations that have us away from the console. Just talk to leadership and we should be able to work something out. We won't bite, I promise.)
-HAVE FUN! This journey is a very long one for most people so try to have fun while being successful.

If you have further questions, please contact leadership.

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