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Ghost Of New Mombasa

Ghost Of New Mombasa

For Reqs, For Glory

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Est. 3/12/2016

Yo, and welcome to the Ghosts
We're a "clan" in the most relax sense of the term.
only requirement is that you are at least 12 or older but any age are welcome, and can contribute once you are available
we will occasionally raid against other clans but pass that were here to party and play for fun
How to Join:
Simply click on "Request to Join" on the upper right
Be relaxed
we would like 12 and over is recommended but any age is welcome
Talk to Company leaders first.
Follow Commander and leaders orders during battles (this is purely so we can win matches a coordinated team always stands a better chance of winning)
Friendly behavior among other members. Threaten any other member will instantly be a demote or kicked off.( talk to Company leaders)
Prefer Everyone has a Microphone
Don't worry about your K/D thats stupid
Racism, xenophobic, homophobic, and sexism will not be TOLERATED.
Please add EVERYONE from our Company as a 'Friend' on Xbox Live(that's up to you.) That way you can invite your fellow Spartan Company Members to your fire team.
Game nights are everyday and Meets are on Fridays. And join the club with the same name.

Leader Fleet Admiral Ismael031
Second in Command Fleet Admiral EmoGod2014 *
Third in Command Fleet Admiral DICKCHANEY21

Warrant Officer NoGoodNameLeft6

Sergeant Major KiritoX121 X

Gunnery Sergeant killer34342525

Staff Sergeant Titan1298
Staff Sergeant SailedTrealos
Staff Sergeant (Inactive) TRIGGG3RHAPPY06/ NightSHADOW1216
Sergeant SouthCountry117
Sergeant iMagicTz
Corporal SwagamirPutin69

Lance Corporal Skaterwolfff
Lance Corporal Dr Funkage
Lance Corporal xiWintersx
Lance Corporal Corporal Lissie

Private First Class DJD0UCH3BAG
Private First Class I Am Nien Nunb
Private First Class Lemoniohio2005
Private First Class UlcerousChart38
Private First Class roboempire117
Private First Class PhantomPepper
Private First Class OpecidadMax
Private First Class Merpinator
Private First Class Aken0 Senpai
Private First Class Tiger227788

Private CorruptedNV
Private XxYoloMuffinsxX
Private JustLunarDash
Private Killerpen123
Private SoloSlayerW10
Private xxAugeroxx
Private superzeroIT
Private BrotatoeWedges
Private Lord Banana2290
Private CraziestJ Y L
Private Vc masta rasta
Private GoldenGryphon55
Private XxElMaTaDoRxX20
Private Mr Candy Pants
Private Number X3
Private TheTiredSpartan

Enlisted Rank up System
10 Spartan Kills (Warzone and Arena only)= 1 point
(Show a screenshot)
5 points= 1 rank up
Invite a recruit is an automatic rank up but need to be confirmed(invite over 3 players and you have the choice to make a squad with them)

Officers Rank Up System (Warrant Officer and Above)
30 Spartan Kills=1 point
10 points= 1 rank up
Top Sniper players DICKCHANEY21
Heavy weapons DICKCHANEY21, EmoGod2014
Precision Weapons EmoGod2014
Top Assassins NoGoodGameLeft6, Aken0 Senpai, BrotherODST
Best K/D Ratio EmoGod2014
Vehicle Specialists Ismael031, DICKCHANEY21, SouthCountry117

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