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Est. 4/7/2018

Halo brotherhood (HB) Is a clan with a long history. Tracing its origins back to Halo Reach in 2011. For years it would make is presence known up until 2014 when the clan was disbanded due to Real life issues. To those who where members. the Legacy and the bond of Brotherhood lives on. Finally on April 7th 2018 The clan was revived and looks to make its presence once again known respected and feared in the community.

Clan rules

1, Consistent and loyal involvement with the clan such as training and social events.

2. Bullying a fellow clan member is prohibited

3. Orders and discipline will be followed. immature activity such as not staying in place during clan affairs or kill potential recruits is prohibited.

4 No excessive language.

5. Absolutely no hostile activity against another clan unless fired upon first.

6. Must become a member of the Waypoint page

7. Must wear Clan uniform during official clan business.

8.Must be 14 or Older to join.

Please note that any rule violation from any member will be discussed at council meetings. and could result in punishment up to demotion or even ejection from HB. .

Clan ranking/Structure

Clan Leader ALIEN INVADER X. Responsible for Maintaining and promoting all Clan activities both Domestic and Foreign. He handles minor issues of the clan such as structure and discipline. All major decisions must have the approval of the council to become Law.

Clan Council. The council is the Leaders of the clan consisting of the squad and Legion leaders. They are responsible for maintaining the clan discipline, Training and making sure recruitment is taking place. They meet once a week to discuss the issues of the Clan and make decisions on its future.

Legion Leader A legion leader is in charge of 3 Squads. He is responsible for making sure the Squad leaders in his legion are performing there tasks. As well as making sure recruitment is taking place. As well as his council duties.

Squad leader. A squad leader has the critical task of training his squad and encouraging there involvement in the organization They are responsible for Recruitment to fill there squad when vacant. They must be consistently involved with there squad in both a competitive and a Social manner. They are also responsible for informing council on who they feel deserves promotion in the clan. Along with there council duties.

Soldier Rank 3. A Rank 3 soldier Has proven himself to the clan. Has been consistently active. Has shown loyalty and skill to the organization and has earned his position

Soldier Rank 2 A rank 2 soldier Has demonstrated and decent level of activity and loyalty to the clan.

Soldier Rank 1 A rank 1 soldier has passed his recruitment phase. Loyalty and dedication is expected.

Recruit A newly recruited member of the clan. He is assigned a squad and after 1 week the council will decide if He can be promoted to Rank 1 soldier or has not shown enough promise to become a permanent clan member in which he will be removed.

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