Name: Max

SPARTAN tag: 073

Homeworld: Reach

Birth date: June 29, 2511

Current Status: Active

Gender: Male
Height: 205 centimeters
(6ft 9 in) without armor
215 centimeters
(7ft 1 in) In armor

Mass: 297 pounds
(134.1kg) without armor
843 pounds
(382.3kg) In armor

Cybernetics: Spartan Neural Interface

Kat II Genetics

Affliction: UNSC ONI

Rank: Chief Warrant Officer

Specialty: Primary Marksmen

Battles: Human-Covenant war
Battle of Furmirole
Fall of reach

Class: Class 1: 2525

Spartan Company

We Need Achi15es

We Need Achi15es

Achilles for the Honorable!

81 Members

Est. 7/4/2016

We are now working our way to the Helmet!
WARNING!! You will not receive the armor if you join the company. ONLY THE HELMET!!

Welcome to the new & improved 15th company of the We Need Achilles community! Why don't you join the 2000+ members of We Need Achilles and make some new gaming friends as you get one great looking helmet? Please check the forums upon joining! Our subreddit can be found here, you're more than welcome to join!

Some Information That Should Be Noted:

  • Don't send messages to this company, explain why you want to join in the request form
  • Please do not apply with the default message, you will be declined.
  • Try to be thoughtful with why you want to join ;)
  • This Spartan company is more than 85% complete all the kill commendations we need to unlock the Achilles helmet.
  • We expect to be complete before mid-September.
  • Many of our members have been grinding for months and months. Some have lasted more than a full year on this grind.
  • Out of fairness to the members who’ve worked hard on this grind for a long time, any members admitted into the company for the final stretch will be required to maintain minimum scoring rates at a much higher level than members who’ve been grinding with us for months now. Weekly minimums for all new members are:
  • (ALL of the following)
  • > 75 enemy marine kills
  • > 75 enemy Spartan kills using a ground vehicle
  • > 25 enemy Spartan kills using frag, plasma, or splinter nades
  • > 2 kills with a sniper rifle of an enemy Spartan who is driving a vehicle
  • (3 of the following 5)
  • > 20 reversals (kill enemy Spartan who shot you first)
  • > 10 longshots
  • > 10 splatters
  • > 10 last shot, Sayonara, cluster luck medals
  • > 10 Spartan charge kills
  • 5. We have a bot that tracks your weekly activity. You will have access to the bot to keep track of your scores.
  • 6. We don’t particularly care if you are a great arena player and can rack up the headshots, etc. We have plenty of members who can do that already. We are specifically recruiting people to assist us on our weakest comms (the ones listed above). If you cannot earn those comms, you cannot earn your place in this company for the final stretch to the Achilles helmet unlock.
  • 7. There is no shortage of gamers wanting to get into a Spartan company in the final weeks before the achievements are scored. By submitting an application, you are agreeing to the terms as explained above. If you cannot deliver, you will be discharged (and if appropriate given the circumstance we may help find you a placement with another WNA company where you can meet their minimums).
  • 8. Also, because of the massive application spamming we get, we, unfortunately, cannot respond to all applications. You’re best chances of getting in are writing a personal message in your application that indicates you have read the above terms and are willing and able to deliver on them.
  • 9. Successful applicants will be contacted and sent instructions to connect with us on our external messaging service. Invites to that service will expire after three days and your application will be deleted.
  • Sorry if the above all seems a bit harsh but we all rather play Halo than wasting everyone’s time administrating non-performing members
Current Progress:
Armor: 100%
Helmet: 87.39%
Estimated days for helmet- 247.81
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