Loves to play halo

Favorite bands are Skillet, Fall out Boy Black Lite District.

Number 1 Band is BASS HUNTER

Taking a break from halo for a bit and now play Far Cry Primal

Loves to listen to music

Loves to do challenges

Streams a lot of youtube but are mostly vlogs with music

Gives huge shout out for people that need it

Dose not like tbaging my body in halo

Loves everybody i can play with

Trying to beat Halo 5 Legendary campaign

Loves Sword Art Online and plays any game that are Sword Art Online

Has discord and would like if people can join

Spartan Company

The Kingdom of Jimmbabwe

The Kingdom of Jimmbabwe


29 Members

Est. 12/19/2015

The Kingdom of Jimmbabwe

A big ole group of friendships and positive vibes. This is a place for viewers of Jimmbabwe and friends of Jimmbabwe. Jimmbabwe welcome everyone of all ranks and sizes, its a wonderful country, stream, discord, and everything. You have any questions feel free to ask. Just about every game mode gets played whether its in Halo 5 or MCC. So the Country of Jimmbabwe has something for everyone. Come Join, Come Hang, Be A Part of Jimmbabwe.

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