Boonshadow is a rogue, objective-oriented, no-mic, anti-spartan half-Sith who haunts Halo 5 Guardians matchmaking servers in search of perfect moments of destruction to capture in cinematic style for his YouTube channel, Halo 5 Moments.

He is most commonly found in social playlists like Big Team Super Fiesta & Castle Wars, but enjoys a good Free For All.

Subscribe to Halo 5 Moments for a chance to get a spot in his Guest Star Playlist. Once he reaches 100 subs he will pick the first winner at random.


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Est. 4/23/2019

Halo 5 Moments is about making cinematic short films out of Halo 5's matchmaking gameplay with a Hollywood action movie feel. Using all the shots you don't see including no HUD, 3rd Person, Dynamic Free Cam and Multi-Camera Emulation, some pretty original content is being created. The content of H5M combines extensive Community Theater Mode capturing with tedious video editing and comes out of striving towards perfectly economical hyperkinetic actions that happen during moments of extreme concentration facing multiple opponents or when crazy random syncopations happen. All possible by the community that keeps Halo 5 Matchmaking alive. My channel will continue into Halo: Infinite.

Subscribe to my youtube channel Halo 5 Moments for a chance to win a spot in my Guest Star Playlist. The first winner will be chosen after I reach 100 subscribers.

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