Boonshadow is an objective-oriented, lone-wolf, no-mic, matchmaking mercenary anti-spartan underdog most commonly found in Big Team Battle. He hunts Spartans in Halo 5 Guardians Matchmaking and creates dramatized videos show-casing their demise in cinematic style using the games Theater Mode extensively and video editing software.

Sworn 😈Enemies who really need to get some fresh air once in a while and who deserve to see as much bad etiquette as possible while they spawn. These players are permanently banned from ever being a guest star on my channel or participants in any contest I ever hold. Reason: terrible sportsmanship, nasty attitudes, trolls, advantage players, symbiotic relationships where one player controls the right half of the controller and the other player controls the left half, while they're sitting on each others thumbs, foaming at the mouth. You know, all around toxic players that I really enjoy shooting while spinning in circles and bagging after I teach them whose boss.

Let the list begin:
Spartan Company Fatal
Spartan Company TRASH BABIES
Spartan Company Hazardous AS F
Spartan Company Nonstop

Spartan Company

Halo5Moments Official

Halo5Moments Official

Slow is smooth, smooth is fast


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Est. 4/23/2019

Lone Theater Ninja/Spartan Company Hunter. I make cinematic mini films out of Halo 5 matchmaking gameplay with an action movie feel. No HUD, Free Cam, 3rd Person, Multi-Camera Emulation cinematography combining extensive Community Theater Mode capturing with tedious video editing. NEW. I'm holding a Guest Star Playlist Contest. Message me to enter to win your own video by Sept. 6th 2019. Successive contests will be held on my channel determined by subscriber quotas, so please check me out and if that interests you and you like my content, please subscribe!


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