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"It is choice, not chance, that defines our destiny."
- I'm confident that someone from Halo said it.

Proud-ish leader of Potato Chicken Salad. I also have no idea what I'm doing, please help.

I've been gaming for 12 years, playing Halo for 2 years with no intent on stopping now, unless I die in a car crash or something.
I first fell in love with Halo when I was a lot younger, when I discovered those awesome 'Mega Bloks' sets. Consumerism is the best.
The first Halo I played was Reach, followed by multiplayer in Guardians. Favorite Halo is MCC, because it just about has all the Halo games.
High hopes and looking forward to Halo Infinite! Except for armor coatings, they suck. Here's my in-depth review and hopes/rumors for Infinite.

Here are my favorite things throughout the Halo series listed, because I know how much you care:

  • Campaign: Halo 4 for me. It was oddly nostalgic, considering I played it not too long ago.
  • Mission: Gravemind from Halo 2, but only the part where it was blasting Breaking Benjamin music.
  • Character: I can't figure out whether I like Buck or Nathan Fillion.
  • Multiplayer: Guardian's multiplayer was very organized, and in my opinion, succeeded in making you feel like a spartan.
  • Map: High Ground from Halo 3. Beautiful, not too big for a 1v1, and still room for vehicles.
  • Weapon: SHOTGUN!!! Or anything shotgun-related, like the scattershot.
  • Vehicle: Tank beats everything.
  • Armor: I always liked the default armor in all the games. Mark VI from 3, Mark V/B from Reach, Recruit from 4, and Mark VII from Infinite.
  • Music: Everything from Halo 3: ODST. No video game soundtrack comes close to beating that smoooooooth jaaaaaaazzz...
  • All-around Game: The Master Chief Collection, because it has everything listed above. Except for Halo 5 and Infinite.

Spartan Company

Potato Chicken Salad

Potato Chicken Salad

we put the suck in success


90 Members

Est. 7/4/2020

Join our spartan company (or fireteam or clan or whatever you want to call it), Potato Chicken Salad today! Please!

We are a group of experienced casual Halo players who are still as bad as our clan name who like playing Halo.
Join if you're looking for a group to play with, want to be in a spartan company, and if you want the answer to life, the universe, and everything.
We aren't aiming for anything in particular (other than having fun), but if we somehow get the Achilles armor, that'd be cool I guess.

If you're looking to join, here's the requirements:
  • Be mature
  • Be friendly
  • Be active on something Halo-related at least once a week
  • Don't do anything stupid that'll make me have to make another requirement
If the company's full, we have an alternative company if you're that desperate to join.

If you have any other questions about anything, please message one of the following:
Also, check out our discord channel

We have a clan for Destiny 2 as well, if anybody's interested.

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