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Est. 10/19/2015

"Coming together is the beginning. Staying together is progress. Working together is success."

*unlocked Achilles Armour on 5/27/16*

*unlocked Achilles Helmet on 11/16/17*

Who We Are:

✮ Chaos is a noncompetitive Spartan company whose purpose is to allow for a fun and relaxed Halo 5 gaming experience.

✮ Our aim goes beyond Achilles, although that is our main goal. We wish to have a group of players who prefer playing with one another, rather than lone wolfing because it's more enjoyable to do so. If you choose to join us, you may play solo, however, we do require you group up with company members from time to time.

✮ We communicate through a Discord server, which you should download upon acceptance using your XBL GT. You are not required to be active all the time on the server, however, it is a great place to meet our members and chat and have fun. Announcements is the only channel we ask you have all notifications on for.


We expect a few things from you in return for being a part of this community:

  1. You must listen to leadership - we listen to our members, however, leadership has the final say on company matters. You can discuss any disagreements with us civilly, but we expect our members to follow instructions.
  2. Be friendly - it's one thing to joke around with players about skill level, but if you have an issue, bring it up to leadership rather than putting down said player. We would like everyone to enjoy playing, including non-company members, therefore we aim to find solutions that do not involve discouraging others.
  3. Be active - we do not require you to be on all the time, but would like appearances a few times a week. There are no free rides as we progress towards Achilles; each and every one of us has to do their part.
  4. Play attentively - we are very active on voice channels during a game. Having a mic is preferable, however, in the event that you do not, listening to call outs enhance the teamwork of our group games. Those who play lone wolf style in groups will be warned and can result in expulsion from the company if constantly hindering teams.
  5. Join Discord server - all members are required to join and pay at least some attention to our communication hub. We have a social channel as well as channels for organising teams for just about anything. It is also a good way to get to know the members of the company when not playing the game.
  6. You must notify leadership with any extended absences - we understand real life comes first, but we cannot read minds. A simple message letting us know is all we ask.

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