Dad gamer who got hooked on Halo 1 during college and haven't looked back since. My favorite is still Halo 3 just because of the countless hours playing with friends.

Currently Leader of the XP Junkies. My wife and I play almost every night and enjoy most if not all game types.

Looking forward to the Halo 6 announcement at E3 this year

Spartan Company

XP Junkies

XP Junkies

Have fun and come play


100 Members

Est. 1/19/2017

****** If you want to join, please read the requirements below. We will not accept default messages or other messages without knowing your AGE.*******
Hey! We're the XP Junkies. It's as simple as that, we LOVE XP and companies are the best way to get extra XP. We're pretty laid back and chalax so join up if you just love to game! We primarily only play Halo 5 but have other games (mostly Halo related). If you are looking for a fun group of crazies to play with, then read on. If you just want a company, just want the helmet, or just want XP, then request to join! We don't care if you've been playing halo for years or are a Christmas Noobie, join up!

-- 21+ years old. We want mature players ONLY
-- Weekly Active Players who want more gamer friends
-- Communicate and play with other members
-- If you have a mic, that's a BONUS!!!
-If you are NOT over 21 years old, do NOT request to join. You will be DENIED!
-30+ days inactive is subject to being kicked
-Customs and Campaign do not count as active
-Staying active on Waypoint and/or discord helps

Include in your Request to Join:
- Why you wanna join the company
- Your AGE
- Your time zone and when you typically play
- Why you're awesome
NO DEFAULT MESSAGES WILL BE ACCEPTED -- We're here to make friends, not build numbers.

Reasons you may want to join:
- We are awesome
- We just like to game and have fun
- We don't care how good or bad you are

Achilles Status:
Tier 1: 31/31 complete
Tier 2: 31/31 complete (14 November 2017)
Armor: 31/31 completed (11 February 2018)
Tier 4: 31/31 completed (30 March 2019)
Helmet: 29/31 completed (05 March 2020)
Obtaining the helmet is NOT our primary goal. We just like to keep people informed :) :)

Social Media:
We have a Discord Page (please check the forums for the link--once accepted). We use this page for almost all of our communication.


BROCK SAIYIPSON: Face of the company. Obsesses over commendations. Always calls dibs on first strike and gets way too excited during awesome plays. Look out for his ghosts during firefight.

KelleySpartan87: Founder of the company. The Brawling Beauty of Grifball and Gungoose extraordinaire. Halo's best panic, crouch, and puncher so don't come around the corner or you'll hear a scream.

Skippy575: Jack-of-most-trades, terrible with the sniper. Always does the weird easter egg on The Rig to summon the sand monster. Has a strange obsession with the Tactical Magnum in Firefight. Permanent rocker of the Achilles armor.

BubbaSparxxx92: He's loud, he's proud, get used to it. --That's what she said!

RedHeadURDead: Yell for HELP but watch out, she may have been the one who splattered you! Her laugh will intoxicate you though! HAHA!

Gafmaster: He's here, He's there, He's Everywhere! But you'll never find him on Foundry! Don't forget to yell out ISUK! (Ah-sue-key)

Admiral Jumbo: Always happy to meet new Spartans and the best wingman to fill your vehicle turrets. You’ll find him mostly in super fiesta or firefight.

^^^ I also serve as the Sea of Thieves liaison for the company. Message me with any questions, or if you’re looking for a good crewmate. Current ranks 36/6/50/50/50/3.

AwakeCrudeWolf: <----, SGT Slaughter: Tries to keep everyone goal oriented. Key word is TRIES. LOL

LordBaJesus: BTB King. Cool as a cucumber in combat.

Shadow Jester Z: The first Champion, the first to achieve SR152 and the first to complete all 510 commendations in the company, a Spartan who believes he's beyond and surpassed the elite.

We have 10 active members of our leadership. We work together to make decisions for the company and to keep things running smooth and FUN. Contact us with any issues and message us if we're online and want to play.

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