Spartan Company

19th Shock Troops BN

19th Shock Troops BN

Feet First Into Hell

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Est. 1/27/2016

Revised: 2018/07/09 14:10 PM CT
CPL RICHMOND- Founder/Commandant/Conscripter of the 19th Shock Troops BN

***Official clan/company members are registered here***


"Feet First Into Hell"

"Move in and support the Spartans"

"Our company supports veterans who play Halo 5, and all other games. We are a brotherhood of veterans who have served in the past, present, and future. Thank-You."

We are ODST. Not just anybody can become part of the 19th BN. Each of our troops are screened thoroughly, (as in one-on-one conversations, and in-game play time. "No Boot Camp") to help us determine whether or not you're just another annoying salty person. We feel the Halo community has "de-evolved" into nothing but squeakers and trash. Our company is an immersive and casual playing group. We don't require anyone who joins to limit themselves to an exact one set of colors, armor, or emblem. We DO NOT require our members to refer to anyone with ranks[?] <-(like this sh*t). If you want to enlist in our company there are some things you should understand first. You must be 18 years or older to join (otherwise noted by company leader). Your first language must be English (better communication with only one language). You must be able to tolerate foul language said during game play (we take the game serious and at the same time we're in it for fun). There is a zero tolerance policy for players and teammates demonstrating misconduct while online. Killing teammates is unacceptable, if it is beyond reasonable doubt it is intentional. Intentional betrayal will result in banishment from the company, as well as an appropriate report being submitted. (Xbox Reporting)

If you are joining just to obtain the "Achilles" armor we ask you to find another company. Joining a company gives you a better strategical advantage, control, and communication with players on the battlefield. HEADSETS ARE REQUIRED. This allows us to strategize for real game play. (Easier, and faster responses) We will send you an enlistment request via, once a request to join has been submitted. Questions, comments, and concerns can be addressed to CPL RICHMOND via Facebook and/or Remember these terms when joining "ODST Recruiting Center" VIA Custom Games browser in game. (Halo 5)

*Inactivity after 3 months will result in receiving a discharge from our company. (unless otherwise noted)
Note: 2018/20/06 13:53 PM CT "As of today players will not be discharged for inactivity until the launch of Halo Infinite."

UNIFORM (Halo 5)
Nightfall Armor with Helljumper Helmet
Any Soldier Armor with any tactical helmet.

Colors: Primary- Black
Secondary- Player Choice

UNIFORM (Halo Reach)
*ODST Gear*

Colors: Primary- Steel
Secondary- Personal Choice

Emblem (Halo 5)
(Unlocked at LvL 40) ODST *** This is the official emblem
1. Pale (Yellow)
2. Pale (Yellow)
3. Brick (Red)

Emblem (Halo Reach/MCC)
Foreground: Spartan
Background: Shield (Toggle ON)
1. Colbalt
2. Pale
3. Brick

ODST (Used in BTB, Warzone, Warzone Firefight, and Arena)
19th (May be used in Warzone, BTB, or when conducting raids with other ODST units)
Nick Name (Unoffical)
Ranks used during official raids (To Be Determined)


Visit our Youtube Channel for more videos, or join our group after you've enlisted.
19th Shock Troops BN Web Page
19th Shock Troops BN Facebook Page
19th Shock Troops BN Youtube Channel
19th Shock Troops BN Group Page
*19th Shock Troops Battalion (Halo Lore)
**Interesting Facts About The ODST
*Halo Wikia
**Video Credit: Halo Follower

"Thank-You for your consideration to enlist"

Sincerely CPL RICHMOND, Company Founder/Leader
"We'll See you on the other side"

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Feet First

Feet First

Made your first hot drop into

Halo 5: Guardians MP Beta

Halo 5: Guardians MP Beta

Halo 5: Guardians MP Beta participant.



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Halo Legendary Crate Subscriber

Halo Legendary Crate Subscriber

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